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Earth's animals in crisis (P2)
1. Do you know what the letters “WWF” stand for?
2. What does WWF do?    
While reading
Fill in the blanks
in, die, serious, tree, solve, without, because of, show, pollute, since
According to this year's Living Planet Report, populations of animals including mammals, birds and fish have fallen by about 60 percent    1    1970. This is mainly    2    human activity. Climate change, habitat loss,    3    and hunting are some of the biggest causes.
 Humans should take this problem    4    because it can affect us as well. According to a 2017 study, 75 percent of flying insects    5    over the last 30 years. Insects help plants produce new seeds.    6    them, ecosystems will break down.
 The report also    7    that Earth has lost about half of its shallow water coral in the past 30 years. In addition, 20 percent of the Amazon rainforest has disappeared    8    just 50 years.
 All over the world, people are cutting down    9   , using too much water from rivers and filling oceans with plastic. We need to find ways to    10    this problem. Different countries should work together to solve it.
1. Do you know of any animals that are in danger?
2. Which animals do you want to help?
Learning the skills of business (P4-5)
1. Which subject do you like best?
2. What can you learn from it? How does it help you develop your skills in daily life?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. You can develop your negotiation skills through ____.
A. doing science experiments
B. reading history books
C. math exercises
D. practical experience
2. Which of the following is TRUE of the Young Enterprise program?
A. Students need to pay to join the program.
B. 3,500 students study together in the program.
C. Companies sell their products through the program.
D. Students learn business skills in the program.
3. According to the story, Josh Sharp _____.
A. goes to Burnley secondary school
B. opened a fitness club to earn money
C. started his own online business
D. earned £150,000 from his business
4. The last paragraph tells us that managers at multinational business Balfour Beatty _____.
A. gave a large amount of money to the school
B. provided expert advice to the students
C. helped students sell their products
D. helped students meet Prince Charles
Word in use
   practical, employment, participate, company
1. It is not easy to make                     suggestions for him.
2. She was unable to find                       last year.
3. We encourage students to                 in all kinds of activities after school.
4. The ________ doubled its size in 9 years.
1. If Young Enterprise gave you the chance to learn some new skills, which ones would you choose to learn and why?
Build an airport in ice and snow (P6)
1. Can you imagine what it would be like to build an airport at the South Pole?
2. Is it easy or difficult to build an airport at the Polar region? Why?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What is the main task of the 35th Chinese Antarctic expedition?
A. Transport scientific equipment.
B. Do research.
C. Set up a research station.
D. Build an airport.
2. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
A. Why we need to explore Antarctica.
B. Where China's polar planes take off and land.
C. What the new airport in Antarctica can do.
D. How other countries build their own airports.
3. The difficulties of building a polar airport include all of the following EXCEPT _____.
A. the weather changes very often
B. the ice cap is always moving
C. the snow on the ice cap is thick
D. the snow on the ice cap is soft 
4. What do scientists use a snow blower to do?
A. To make the ice cap stop moving.
B. To clear the snow on the ice cap.
C. To compact the snow on the ice cap.
D. To wash the runway for airplanes.
Word in use
set off, belong to, make ...adj. , get rid of
1. 你们出发的时候告诉我一声。
2. 这个花园曾经属于我家。  
3. 多读书可以提高我们的眼界。
Describe in your own words how an airport is built at the South Pole.
Page 2
1. since 2. because of 3. pollution 4. seriously 5. died 6. Without 7. shows 8. in 9. trees 10. solve
Page 4-5
1. D。由第一段第三行可知。
2. D。由第二段所给信息 可知答案。
3. C . 细节题。由第四段落可知答案。
4. B。由最后一段落可判断答案
Page 6
1. D.有第一段第二句话可找到答案。
2. C. 有第三段内容可知答案。
3. A. 由最后两段叙述建机场遇到的困难可推断答案。
4. A. 由最后一段第三句话推断答案。
1. Please tell me when you set off.
2. The garden used to belong to my family.
3. Reading more books helps us become open-minded.
4. You must get rid of bad habits if you want to improve your grades.

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