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高三教案 第664期

Live to be scared (P4)
江苏省南菁高级中学  范克强
I. Pre-reading: brain-storming   
Do you like to watch horror movies? 
Why or why not?
Have you ever watched one of these famous horror films? After watching it, how did you feel?
Get Out 《逃出绝命镇》
It 《小丑回魂》
The Haunting of Hill House《鬼入侵》
II. While-reading  
Fast reading
Read the article and answer the following question:
1. What’s the main idea of the passage? 
The passage discusses the success of horror films and the reasons for their success. Their story and the drama, and their basis in the real world and reflection of the real world, contribute to their success.
2. What makes a horror film outstanding?
Its success is based on how it truly reflects phenomena in the real world, such as racial problems or family relationships.  
Task-based reading
Read the passage in detail and fill in the blanks.
Detailed reading
How do you understand the sentence: After all, it’s hardly understandable why someone would want to be scared on purpose?
The reason someone would want to be scared on purpose is that he or she wants to escape from reality and into a safe world where he or she can defeat something real, such as a memory, a daydream, a secret, grief, anger, and guilt. 
III. Understanding-sentences
Analyze the following sentences and pay attention to the words in bold.
1. It’s hardly understandable why someone would want to be scared on purpose.
• It: 作为 形式主语, 真正的主语从句为:why someone would want to be scared on purpose. why 引导主语从句,在主语从句中作状语。 
•hardly understandable: 难以理解的  hard to understand
2. And The Haunting of Hill House, a Netflix horror TV series that just came out in October, has been described by Forbes as “Netflix’s best original show ever”.
• a Netflix horror TV series:The Haunting of Hill House 同位语
•that: 引导定语从句,指代 a Netflix horror TV series
•be describe as ... 被描述成…… 
3. But What truly makes the stories stand out is their basis in the real world.
What: 引导主语从句,在主语从句中充当主语,相当于 the thing that/which
4. As Steven Crain, the eldest of the siblings, says on the show: “A ghost can be a lot of things: A memory, a daydream, a secret, grief , anger, guilt .”
• As: 引导非限制性定语从句,意为“正如……” 
• the eldest of the siblings:Steven Crain的同位语
5. Perhaps some of us just want to escape into a world where we can actually defeat our ghosts and be safe.
•where: 引导定语从句,在定语从句中作状语,相当于 in which.
IV. Language points
•仅举几例to name a few
•走红,成名have one’s moments
•出版,发表come out
•从……逃脱escape from ...
•就……而言in terms of
•以……为中心be centered around  
•故意地on purpose  
Differences inside our bodies (P6)
山东省烟台第二中学  孔洁
I. Lead-in
Do you prefer vegetables or meat? 
People who live in different parts of China have different habits and preferences.
For example, people from southern China prefer to eat vegetables, while people from north China like to eat meat. But what causes these differences?
II. Skimming  
Read the passage quickly and decide what kind of text it is. 
•A. book review
•B. scientific research
•C. commentary(评论)
Main idea of the passage
It is about research on how variations in genes can influence people’s habits and preferences. 
Divide the passage into different parts
Part 1Para. 1&2Introduction: research question 
Part 2Para. 3-4The research procedures and participants
Part 3Para. 5-8The findings of the research
III. Scanning  
Part 1 Research question?
•What are the factors that cause the different habits and preferences between people living in different parts of China?
Part 2 Read and judge
1. Researchers collected genetic information from 141,431 Chinese women.
2. The participants came from 31 provinces.
3. The participants included 31 ethnic minority groups. 
4. According to the study, it is gene variations that might be the cause of these differences. 
Part 3 What differences are caused by natural selection or gene variations?
•food preferences 
•immunities to illness 
•physical traits
Genes & influence
IV. Deep thinking
Text structure
•How to conduct scientific research?
Research question
Researchers and participants
Research procedures
Research findings
V. Summary 
VI. Language focus
Analyze the following sentences 
1. They found that natural selection has played an important role in the ways that people living in different regions of China have evolved, affecting their food preferences, immunities to illness and physical traits, the New York Times reported.
•下划线that引导定语从句 修饰先行词 the ways
2. However, people in the south are also more vulnerable to certain blood-borne illnesses, as they lack the genes to stop them
3. Southerners are less likely to have this gene, as it did not evolve in their population.
•As 引导原因状语从句
•----Coach, can I continue with the training?
•----Sorry, you can’t ____ you haven’t recovered from the knee injury. 
Look at the following expressions
•natural selection自然选择
•played an important role in在……中扮演重要的角色
•be rich in富含……的
•be due to由于,起因于
•at a higher latitude更高的纬度
•be vulnerable to易受……的伤害
•be beneficial to有益于……

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