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Losing our languages (P2)
1. Where is your hometown?
2. Can you speak the dialect (方言) of your hometown?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. How many languages worldwide are in danger of dying out?
A. About 2,580 languages.
B. About 3,420 languages.
C. About 4,300 languages.
D. About 6,000 languages.
2. According to the story, a language might go extinct because _____.
A. no one speaks it in cities
B. it is too difficult to learn
C. it is used less in daily life
D. schools don’t offer lessons for it
3. What does the underlined word “this” in Paragraph 4 refer to?
A. The learning of dominant languages.
B. The extinction of languages.
C. Action that is taken to save endangered languages.
D. The movement of speakers of endangered languages. 
4. What do we know from the last two paragraphs?
A. Languages are disappearing fast in New Zealand.
B. Maori lessons are already offered in all schools in New Zealand.
C. 130 languages are endangered in China.
D. Making recordings is a way to protect languages.
Word in use
1. 恐龙是如何灭绝的?
2. 与其说他是一个海员,不如说他是一个探险者。
3. 我们已经采取了一次行动表扬那些乐于助人的人。
Do you know of any languages that have disappeared?
What can governments do to prevent languages from disappearing?
Speak the hidden language of emojis (P4)
Can you explain the meanings of some of the emojis shown below?
While reading
Fill in the chart below:

Original meaning
New meaning
The smiley face
A normal and friendly smile
It looks like a 1. ______.
It can mean that someone is 2. ______ you or even mocking you.
The smiling face with 3. ______
A friendly one
It is used to show that people 4. ______.
5. ______
It is often used to describe a situation that is so tragic that you have to 6. ______.
The writer's opinion: Like real languages, the 7. ______ of emojis changes over time.

Word in use
1. look down on 2. can’t help but   3. be used to    4. look like
1. I wasn't successful, so they ___________ me.
2. She ________ her mother.
3. I ____________ smile when I think of you.
4. This machine ________ clean the wall.
Which emojis do you use the most?
Design a new emoji and explain what it means to your classmates.
Fire crisis in the wild (P6)
1. What causes wildfires?
2. What kind of damage can wildfires do?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. In which country are wildfires called bushfires?
A. The US.            B. Canada.             C. Australia.          D. Japan.
2. According to the story, most wildfires are caused by _____.
A. lightning strikes               B. volcanic eruptions
C. dry and hot weather          D. human activities
3. What does the fifth paragraph mainly tell us?
A. How dangerous wildfires can be.
B. How fast wildfires can move.
C. Why wildfires burn everything in their path.
D. What wildfires can do to animals.
4. The last paragraph mainly tells us the ____ of wildfires.
A. danger                                   B. advantages
C. reason                             D. instruction
Word in use
1. so far    2. be known as     3. as well as     4. be good for                                                                
1. Jay Chou _________a famous singer.
2. They visited some factories, ________ a school.
3. What have you found _______?
4. Eating more vegetables ________your health.
According to the passage, 90 percent of wildfires are caused by humans. Can you give some tips on how to prevent wildfires?
Page 2
1. A。由首段前两句There are about 6,000 languages that people are speaking around the world. But 43 percent of these languages are dying out, according to UNESCO可知。
2. C。由第二段第二句One is that some communities of native speakers of the languages are gone, HuffPost reported 可知。
3. B。由第四段Once a language dies, it rarely comes back to life. Governments across the globe are taking action to prevent this 可知。
4. D。本题为主旨大意题,文章的最后两段以新西兰和中国为例,为了保护即将消失得语言, 政府都采取了一些措施,记录下这些语言。
Page 4
1. fake smile     
2. looking down on     
3. a waving hand     
4. don't want to talk to someone     
5. Rolling on the floor laughing     
6. laugh to cheer yourself up     
7. language/meaning
Page 6
1. C。由第二段最后一段They are also known as forest fires or grass fires, or as bushfires in Australia 可知。
2. D。由第三段第二句However, 90 percent of wildfires are caused by humans, according to the US National Park Service 可知。
3. A。主旨大意题,第五段主要例举了森林大火的严重后果,其他选项都只说了一部分。

4. B。从文章最后一段第一句But sometimes, fires can be good for some plants 可以得知。

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