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初一教案 第638期


东城古城职业中学   汤红梅
Making her music (P3)
I. Pre-reading
Music makes our life beautiful and wonderful.
What kind of music do you like best?
Can you play an instrument? What is it?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. Who is Ashley Gardner? 
A. An actor.
B. A writer.
C. A musician.
D. A music teacher.
2. Which instrument might she not be good at playing?
A. Drum.
B. Violin.
C. Piano.
D. French horn.
3. Who helped her write her song into sheet music? 
A. Herself.
B. Her dad.
C. Her band.
D. Her teacher.
4. What can we learn about Gardner from the story?
A. She wrote all her songs.
B. An orchestra played her song before.
C. Her father is also good at music.
D. She is a member of an orchestra now.
III. Words in use
1. The children have _______ up (学会) singing the old song.
2. Her ________ (兴趣) in music pushed him to study more.
3. I must _______ (完成) my work before I go home.
4. She was not only beautiful, but also _______ (有才干).
IV. Post-reading
Music can bring comfort and joy to people.
Would you like to introduce us your favorite music?
Palace official’s favorite dish (P4)
I. Pre-reading
Chinese food is well-known all over the world?
Do you know the dish in the picture?
What is it made of?
II. While reading
Finish the following tasks:
1. What is Kung Pao chicken made of?
2. What does the official title - gongbao mean?
3. Which foreign leader learned cooking this dish in Chengdu in 2014?
III. Words in use
1. 许多建筑物都是以著名人物命名的。
  Many buildings _____________ famous persons. 
2. 那里什么都是竹子做的。
  Everything there _________ bamboo.
3. 他被要求周五前完成工作任务。
  He was __________finish his work before Friday.
IV. Post-reading
Chinese food culture is an important part of China culture. Now, Chinese food is easily found in every corner of the world, and it has become an impressive and influential symbol of Chinese culture.
Who ‘nose’ the truth? (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Do you know the story of Pinocchio?
Did you believe the story when you were young?
II. While reading
True (T) or false (F):
 ___ 1. In Pinocchio, the puppet’s nose gets longer every time he tells a lie.
___ 2. In real life, people’s noses indeed get longer when they lie.
___ 3. When people tell lies, the temperature of their nose rises by up to 1.5 C.
___ 4. Heat makes things expand, while cold makes things contract.
___ 5. It is easy for us to see that our noses get a little smaller because of a drop in temperature in our nose.
III. Words in use
1. He is _____ (lie): you can see that a mile off. 2. At last, he _______(find) it hard to answer the question.
3. We have enough drama in _____(really) life.
4. She makes no _________(different) between her two sons.
IV. Post-reading
We all know that heat makes things expand, while cold makes things contract.
What does it bring to us in daily life?
II. 1. C。根据第一段Ashley Gardner … is a talented musician可知,她是一位非常有天赋的音乐家,所以正确答案是C。
2. A。根据文中可知,后三种乐器都会演奏,只有鼓文中未提及,所以正确答案是A。
3. B。根据To write it into sheet music for an orchestra, she asked her dad for help可知,她为管弦乐团写乐谱时,是向她的父亲寻求了帮助,所以正确答案是B。
4. C。根据文中后部分可知, 她乐谱上遇到困难的时候向她的爸爸求助,所以她爸爸可能也在音乐方面有所造诣。
III. 1. picked   2. interest   3. finish   4. talented
II. 1. It is made of diced chicken fried with chilis and peanuts.
2. It means “guardian of the palace”.
3. German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
III. 1. are named after 2. is made of   3. asked to
III. 1. lying 2. found 3. real   4. difference

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