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Choosing new jobs (P2)
Do you know anything about the jobs shown below?
1. Animal doctor/vet
2. Makeup artist
3. Early childhood educator
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. According to the report, which of the following jobs earn the highest salary?
 A. Early childhood educator.
 B. Makeup artist.
 C. Animal doctor.
 D. Babysitter.
2. According to the passage, which of the following is true about these “new” jobs?
 A. Many of them are in the service industry.
 B. They don’t need workers to be highly educated.
 C. They are not popular among young people.
 D. They usually come with lower salaries.
3. From the passage, we can infer that people spent _____ on their pets in 2017.
 A. over 5,000 yuan
 B. about 4300 yuan
 C. about 8,000 yuan
 D. over 20,000 yuan
4. The purpose of this passage is to _____.
 A. introduce new jobs
 B. explain how to get a new job
 C. tell people how to earn more money
 D. show people how to take care of pets
Word in use:
1. 我们急需一些英语小说?
2. 有许多种污染方式,例如噪音就是一种污染.
3. 老师鼓励我们要刻苦学习。
1.What do you want to be when you grow up?
2.What qualities do you need to have to get your dream job?
Visiting a doctor in China [P5]
1. Do you think it’s difficult to visit a doctor in China?
2. Have you ever experienced the situation shown in the photo? Can you explain why this is happening?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1.In Paragraph 2, the writer went to hospital because _____.
 A. he caught a bad cold
 B. he got seriously injured
 C. he needed to do a blood test
 D. he got a bad backache
2. The writer thought his hospital visit was _____.
 A. not bad
 B. disappointing
 C. a bit difficult
 D. quite interesting
3. Before you see a doctor in China, you need to _____.
 A. take a number first
 B. be examined by nurses
 C. take your temperature first
 D. go to the emergency room
4. What do we know from the story?
 A. There are not enough doctors in China.
 B. There is no emergency room in Chinese hospitals.
 C. The writer often goes to the hospital on his own.
 D. The writer did not like visiting the doctor.
Word in use:
no matter, turn out to be, be amazed by, a shortage of
The main company's problem is ________ skilled workers.
________ who you are, I’ll never let you in.
3. 晚会结果开得很成功。
The party ___________ very successful.
Marco Polo __________ how beautiful China was.
       Last week, Jim caught a bad cold. His parents took him to see the doctor. Please help him write a diary about his experience at the hospital.
What do babies think? [P6]
1. Do you think babies don’t care about anything?
2. Who do you think has happier lives – babies or adults? why?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. _____ was given to babies during the test.
 A. A robot with two buttons
 B. A toy
 C. A picture book
 D. Some food
2. In the experiment, the babies would _____ when there were no adults around.
 A. pretend to be unhappy
 D. play happily with others
 C. press the first button more often
 D. press the second button more often
3. When do babies start to care about what others think of them, according to the new study?
 A. 2 months old.
 B. 4 months old.
 C. 2 years old.
 D. 4 years old.
4. What can we learn from the story?
 A. Babies don’t care about others.
 B. Babies only do what they want to do.
 C. Babies care about what others think of them.
 D. Babies tell lies even when they are young.
Word in use:
make friends with, care about, pay attention to, pretended to                                            
1. I don't ________ the matter.
2. I ________ be sleeping when my parents came in.
3. Please __________ your baby.
4. I want to __________ you.
1. How old were you when you started caring about your own image (形象)?
2. Do you behave better when others are watching? Give an example of this.
Page 2
Choose the answer:
1. C。由第三段第二句The top-paying job is animal doctor可知答案选C。
2. A。由第五段第一句In fact, many of these “new” jobs are in the service industry可知答案选A。
3. B。由最后一段第二句Pet owners will spend over 5,000 yuan per pet this year, an increase of 15 percent from 2017可知答案选B。
4. A。本题为主旨大意题,文章主要介绍了当今比较新兴的一些职业,所以答案选 A。
Word in use:
1. We are in great need of some English novels.
2. There are many kinds of pollution. For example, noise is a kind of pollution.
3. Our teacher encourages us to study hard.
Page 5
Choose the answer:
1. C。由第二段第一句Many years ago, I went to a hospital in Beijing by myself for a blood test可知答案选C。
2. C。由第二段最后一句And it turned out to be a bit of a difficult experience可知答案选C。
3. A。由第三段第一句I didn’t realize that you have to take a number before you can be seen by the doctor可知答案选A。
4. A。由最后一段第一句I was told later that the reason people have to wait so long is because there is a shortage of doctors in China可知答案选A。
Word in use:
1. a shortage of 2. No matter 3. turned out to be 4. was amazed by
Page 6
Choose the answer:
1. A。由第三段第二句They showed the babies a robot with two buttons on it可知答案选A。
2. D。由第四段第一句They found that when there were no adults around, children would press the second button more often可知答案选D。
3. C。由文章最后一段最后一句In addition, 2-year-old children will change their behavior to get a more positive response可知答案选C。
4. C。由第二段第一句Two-year-old babies care about how others see them可知答案选C。
Word in use:
1. care about   2. pretended to 3. pay attention to 4. make friends with

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