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初一教案 第639期


Christmas in the UK (P3)
I. Pre-reading
What’s the most important holiday in Western countries?
When is Christmas?
What can you see on Christmas?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. The story mainly talks about _____.
A. how to celebrate Halloween in the UK
B. what Spring Festival is like in the UK
C. Christmas celebrated over the world
D. how British people celebrate Christmas
2. British people get ready for Christmas starting from _____.
A. the beginning of November
B. the beginning of Halloween
C. the beginning of December
D. five days before Christmas
3. Which of the following traditions comes from Germany?
A. Receiving Christmas gifts.
B. Eating candy canes.
C. Having an advent calendar.
D. Setting up decorative lights.
4. What do we know about Christmas in the UK?
A. People give 24 gifts to their friends.
B. Many of its traditions come from Germany.
C. Christmas in London is not as popular as in other places.
D. People celebrate the holiday for a long time.
III. Words in use
1. 铅笔、尺子、橡皮都是常见的文具。
  Pencils, rulers and erasers common kinds of _______.
2. 很多人聚集在广场庆祝国庆节。
   Many people visit the square to______ Spring Festival.
3. 我们家里有好多传统。
   There are many _______ in my family.
4. 红色是中国的一个象征。
   The color red is one of the ______ of China.
IV. Post-reading
Christmas is held to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also a time when families get together and wait for the new year to start. Shopping is a big part of this holiday. Many stores are open during Christmas. People shop for all kinds of presents. Everyone receives their presents on Christmas Day.
Do westerners know kung fu? (P5)
I. Pre-reading
Which parts of Chinese culture have become well-known in other countries?
Do you know anything about kung fu?
Which style of kung fu is the most popular?
II. While reading
Finish the following tasks:
1. What do Westerners think about Chinese people and kung fu?
2. The writer first learned about kung fu
3. Which kung fu stars are popular in the US?
4. Wu-Tang Clan is a _____________ group. They often rap about different kung fu _________________.
5. What does Bruce Lee’s saying teach us?
III. Words in use
1. His ________ (表演) onstage was quite excellent.
2. There are many ______ (门派) of kung fu.
3. No matter what happens, we should have a positive ______ (态度) towards life.
IV. Post-reading
Kung fu is a popular sport with many followers. It has long been popular in countries outside of China. Styles of kung fu such as Shaolin, Tai Chi and Qigong have many followers worldwide. People practice kung fu both as a form of self-defense and as a way to exercise and stay fit.
How do plants poop? (P6)
I. Pre-reading
What do we do to get rid of waste in our bodies?
How do animals get rid of the things they don’t need?
How about fish, chicken or rabbits?
II. While reading
 Choose the answer:
1. What does the Venus flytrap use to eat insects?
A. Its flowers.
B. Two big leaves.
C. Its bark.
D. Its roots.
2. What does the Venus flytrap poop out after eating insects?
A. The soft parts of insects.
B. The harder parts of insects.
C. The salt in insects’ bodies.
D. The insects’ poop.
3. How do mangrove trees get rid of salt?
A. By moving it to its leaves and letting them fall off.
B. By taking in more salt through its roots.
C. By washing its leaves in water.
D. By losing its bark.
4. What is the story mainly about?
A. Why we need to poop.
B. Why insects are important.
C. How some plants poop.
D. How to keep plants healthy.
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
 [fall off            get rid of                take in            go by]
1. As time _____, the weather gets colder and colder.
2. Pete tried to ______ his bad eating habits.
3. We eat vegetables to_____ vitamins.
4. When autumn comes, many leaves _____ the trees.
IV. Post-reading
When mammals poop, they usually just leave it alone. However, some mammals will try to cover it with dirt or mud.
Do fish poop in the water?
Of course! But they can’t cover up their poop. This causes their water to become a bit dirty. When they poop, they swim away from it, but sometimes it follows them while they swim. It looks a bit odd.
II. 1. D。根据标题Christmas in the UK可知,本文讲了英国人庆祝圣诞节的事情,故选择D。
2. A。根据第2段In the UK, people start preparing for Christmas soon after Halloween - even as early as the beginning of November!可知人们从11月初就开始准备过圣诞节,故本题选择A。
3. C。根据第3段This tradition began in the mid-19th century in Germany.可知笔者倒数日历起源于德国,故本题选择C。
4. D。根据第3、4段很多信息可知,庆祝圣诞的历史由来已久,如起源于19世纪中叶的倒数日历,故本题选择D。
III. 1. stationery   2. celebrate   3. traditions 4. symbols
II. 1. They think that everyone in China knows how to do kung fu.  
2. through movies    
3. Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.         
4. hip-hop; styles      
5. We should change our attitude when we face difficulties.
III. 1. performance   2. styles   3. attitude
II. 1. B。根据第2段This plant eats insects with its “mouth” –two big leaves.可知本题选择B。
2. B。根据原文第2段the flytrap opens its “mouth” to get rid of the hard parts可知捕蝇草将昆虫难消化的坚硬部分吐出来,故本题选择B。
3. A。根据最后一段可知,红树林将体内的盐分都运到叶子里,然后让叶子脱落,以达到带走废弃物-盐的作用。故本题选择A。
4. C。文章以第2段的捕蝇草和第3段的红树林为例,分别写了故本题选择C。
III. 1.goes by   2. get rid of    3. take in 4. fall off

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