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东城古城职业中学     汤红梅
Dogs in our school (P3)
I. Pre-reading
Guide dogs are cute and smart. They’re really helpful for blind people. Do you know how they are trained?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. The guide dog training program helps _____.
A. stray dogs
B. blind people
C. students
D. pet lovers
2. Students in the training program need to _____.
a. work as dogsitters
b. learn how to take care of dogs
c. keep the dogs for one year
d. live in different places
A. abc   B. abd   C. acd   D. bcd
3. What do we know about Izabelle Harris?
A. She joined the program when she was 15.
B. She trained her dog herself.
C. Her dog likes to play with people.
D. She can't bring her dog to school.
III. Words in use
1. He didn’t give me a _______ (机会) to say anything.
2. I am ________ (训练) my dog to pick up shoes for me.
3. My opinion is _______ (相似) to his.
4. ______ (盲的) people are sometimes guided by dogs.
IV. Post-reading
A good guide dog can:
   walk carefully down the sidewalk,
   find doors, crossings and places that are visited regularly,
   deal with traffic,
   stop at staircases,
   judge height and width,
Going different ways (P4)
I. Pre-reading
Do you know the saying “You take Yangguan Road and I’ll cross the log bridge”?
What does it mean?
II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What did Yangguan Road refer to in ancient China?
A. An open road that crossed Yangguan Pass.
B. A closed road that was in the Yangguan Pass.
C. Any road that was free to use.
D. Any road that was on the sunny side of a hill.
2. Yangguan had something to do with parting because _____.
A. it was actually two small roads
B. it was the last stop people would visit before leaving China
C. it was the end of the ancient Silk road
D. people came and went through it to do business
3. What do we know from the story?
A. Yangguan Pass was built during the Han Dynasty.
B. Yangguan Pass was famous for its silk.
C. Yangguan Pass was a square along the road.
D. Yangguan Road was very broad and busy.
III. Words in use
1. 中国丝绸驰名天下。  
     Chinese silk is known___________. 
2. 她比以前胖了。
    She was heavier than she _________.
3. “Fishes”用以指鱼的不同品种。
“Fishes " is used to _________ several different species of fish .
IV. Post-reading
The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes that connected the East and West. How did people transport goods at that time?
Lander on Mars (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Is there life on Mars?
How are scientists trying to learn more about Mars?
II. While reading
Finish the following tasks:
1. InSight landed on _______ on Nov 27.
2. One Martian year is about ______ years on Earth.
3. Will InSight move around on Mars?
4. What will InSight do on Mars?
      It will use a heat probe to
      _______________________ and
     get _____ about the inside of Mars.
5. InSight is the eighth spacecraft to learn about the inside of Mars. (True or False)
6. Translate the following sentence into Chinese.
   Scientists can find out how Mars was born.
III. Words in use
1. Will you ________ (able) hear at such a long distance?
2. She _______(finish) the task in two hours.
3. The children _____(arrive) in Beijing yesterday and then visited the Forbidden City.
4. Come here and help me ______(water) the flowers.
IV. Post-reading
Mars has many secrets. Scientists are working hard to figure them out.
What do you want to know about Mars?
II. 1. B。根据第二段…Students train dogs to help blind people可知,学生们进行的导盲犬训练项目是为了训练导盲犬帮助盲人,所以正确答案是B。
2. A。根据文中第三段可知这个导盲犬训练项目的实施过程,abc与文中相符,d中居住(live)在不同的地方而文中为train them in different places(在不同的地方训练),所以正确答案是A。
3. B。根据最后段可知,Izabelle Harris今年15岁,一年前加入该项目,她训练自己的狗在走路时不要理睬食物和他人,在学校上课的时候,狗就在他的两腿间坐着或躺着,可见只有B选项符合文意,所以正确答案是B。
III. 1. chance   2. training 3. similar 4. Blind
II. 1. A。根据文中In ancient China, it was an open road that crossed the Yangguan Pass in Dunhuang, Gansu可知,正确答案是A。
2. B。根据文中可知,Yangguan与parting(分离)相关是因为它是离开中国到达西域前的最后一站,所以正确答案是B。
3. D。根据文中最后段The road used to be very broad and busy可知,阳光道曾是非常开阔和繁华的,所以正确答案是D。
III. 1.   all over the world 2. used to be 3. refer to
II. 1. Mars
2. two
3. No, it won’t.
4. go nearly 5 meters deep inside Mars; data
5. False.
6. 科学家们就会发现火星是怎么形成的。
III. 1. be able to   2. will finish 3. arrived 4. water 

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