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Be polite when burping or sneezing (P4)
I. Pre-reading
Do you say anything after you burp?
In the US, people usually say “excuse me” after they burp. Do you know why?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. What do people in the US say after they burp?
A. "My god!"
B. "Excuse me."
C. "Bless me."
D. "Bless you."
2. What do Western people think of burping loudly in public?
A. It is a little rude.
B. It is quite rude.
C. It is polite.
D. It is OK.
3. In Western culture, sneezing is more acceptable than burping because _____.
A. it is difficult to stop sneezing
B. people can sneeze quietly
C. burping is hard to stop
D. it is hard to burp quietly
4. Why do you need to cover your mouth/nose when you sneeze?
A. To stay healthy.
B. To make it less loud.
C. To stop germs from spreading.
D. To stop it quickly.
III. Words in use
1. I really didn‘t care whether he was _____ (有礼貌的) or not.
2. Why didn‘t you say that ____________ (第一时间) ?
3. God has _____________ (祝福你) with many gifts.
4. Word soon ______ (传播) through the factory.
IV. Post-reading
Sneezing is a natural body function. However, some people try to stop their sneezes. Have you ever tried to stop a sneeze?
Wear your "long johns" to stay warm (P5)
I. Pre-reading
What are these cartoon characters wearing?
They’re wearing “long johns”. They are also called qiuku in Chinese or thermal underwear in English.
II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What nickname do native English speakers have for qiuku?
A. “long underwear”
B. “thermal underwear”
C. “chill cool”
D. “long johns”
2. Western "long johns" might have been named _____.
A. from their pronunciation
B. after a British boxer
C. because of their length
D. according to the Chinese term "qiuku"
3. Why are long johns not so popular in Western countries?
A. Because they don't have cold weather.
B. Because they have other warmer clothes.
C. Because young people think long johns are not fashionable.
D. Because they don't work outdoors in cold weather.
4. What does the writer mean by saying "forget your pride"?
A. Don’t worry about your appearance.
B. Pay attention to your health.
C. Don’t worry about getting arthritis.
D. Always wear your qiuku.
III. Words in use
1. 我穿什么衣服去参加他的生日聚会呢?
  What dress should I _________ for his birthday party?
2. 这种车型深受年轻人喜爱。
  This type of car ____________ young people.
3. 比赛因下雨停止。
    The game was called off ________ rain.
IV. Post-reading
Long johns were first introduced in England in the 17th century, but they did not become popular as sleepwear until the 18th century.
Do you know anything else about long johns?
What makes us eat (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Do you ever feel like eating even when you don’t feel hungry? Why does this happen?
II. While reading

When do you want to eat more?
When you don't have enough sleep
When you stay awake more, you need more 1.______.
Eating while walking
* Walking makes you eat too 2.______.
* Usually, the brain knows you are full about 3.______ later.
* When you eat fast, your brain doesn't have enough time to tell you that you're full.
When you are looking at electronic devices
* These devices give off 4.______ and it makes your body give off more insulin.
* Insulin can 5.______ your blood sugar.
* When your blood sugar is low, you feel like you want to eat.

III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
1. It took a lot of e______ to move the furniture.
2. We felt hungry because we only had a small s______ for lunch.
3. Love can t______ a cottage into a golden palace.
4. The bridge is wide e_______ for trucks to pass. 
IV. Post-reading
It is best to only eat when you are hungry. Do you do this?
II. 1. B。根据第二段In the US, people usually say “excuse me” after they burp可知,在美国打嗝之后第一时间说的是“excuse me” ,所以正确答案是B。
2. B。根据文中In Western culture…Burping loudly in public is especially rude可知,在西方在公众场合大声打嗝是特别粗鲁的行为,所以正确答案是B。
3. A。根据This is partly because sneezing is hard to stop可知,打喷嚏是很难停下来的,所以正确答案是A。
4. C。根据文中Just make sure you cover your mouth/nose when you sneeze so you don’t spread any germs可知,打喷嚏时一定要捂住嘴/鼻子,这样就不会传播细菌,所以正确答案是C。
III. 1. polite 2. in the first place 3. blessed you 4. spread
II. 1. C。根据第二段Because of its pronunciation in Chinese, Native English speakers jokingly call it “chill cool”可知,他们根据qiuku中文的发音把它叫做“chill cool”,所以正确答案是C。
2. B。根据第三段They call them “long johns”. Some people think they are named after John Sullivan, a famous British boxer可知,有些人认为他们是以英国著名拳击手约翰·沙利文的名字命名的,所以正确答案是B。
3. C。根据long johns are not very popular...They think they’re not cool可知,很多年轻人不喜欢秋裤是因为觉得不好看,所以正确答案是C。
4. A。根据文中后部分可知, 医生劝诫年轻人要穿秋裤来保暖,不要太在意好看与否,而年轻人不喜欢秋裤是因为它不够酷,所以正确答案是A。
III. 1. put on 2. is popular among   3. because of
II. 1. energy      2. too fast 3. 20 minutes 4. blue light 5. lower
III. 1. energy 2. snack 3. turn   4. enough

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