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高三教案 第669期

2018-2019学年度第16期总第669期Living or dying? (P1)山东省烟台第二中学 孔洁I. Lead-in•Do you know the Word of the Year 2018? What about the Color of the Year 2019? Which adjectives could you use to describe this color? II. Skimming III. Scanning Part 2 Read & answer 1. What is 2019 Color of the Year?“Living Coral”, the golden orange hue2. Why did Pantone choose it as its Color of the Year? First, because it symbolizes our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits. Moreover, It makes us think of a sunrise or a warm campfire in the woods. It reminds us of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky’s (1866 – 1944) words in Concerning the Spiritual in Art: “Orange is like a man, convinced of his own powers.”Part 3 Read & answer What harms real coral reefs? Rising water temperatures and human activitiesIV. Deep thinking VI. Language focus VII. Discussion What can we do to save coral reefs? Helping plants to hold out (P6)山东省烟台第二中学 孔洁I. Lead-inWinter is coming. How do you deal with the cold? turn on the air conditionertravel to a warmer city to spend the winterWear heavy clothesWhat about plants? How do plants that can’t move or generate heat survive the cold? Wear clothes?II. Skimming What is this passage about?A study found that plants have _______ to survive ______ winters. III. Scanning Read & answer 1. What is the research question? How do plants manage to survive freezing winters?2. How does the cold influence plants?The cold is a big challenge for plants. Their living tissues can be damaged when they freeze. “It’s like a plant’s equivalent to frostbite.”Also, the process of freezing and thawing can cause air bubbles to form in the plant’s water transport system. “If enough of these air bubbles come together as water thaws they can block the flow of water from the roots to the leaves and kill the plant,” 3. How do plants survive cold winters?To live through cold weather, plants have developed three traits IV. Deep thinkingCan plants adapt to climate change just like they do to the cold?It may be difficult for plants to adapt to human-caused climate change, which is quite recent. The study also found that plant’s strategies were developed very slowly – over millions of years of evolution. VI. Language focusComplete the passage with expressions you findWhen winter comes, people have many ways of _________ the cold. However, unlike humans, plants can’t move or _______ heat. How do they manage to _______ the freezing winter?It ________ that plants have their own ________ too. To _________ cold weather, plants have ________ three traits. Some plants avoid freezing ______ by dropping their leaves before the winter chill _______. Some plants protect themselves by ________ their water transport cells. Some plants die __________ in winter and start growing from seeds when conditions get warmer. VII. Discussion What can we do to save plants from the threat of climate change?

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