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北京171中学 徐晶
Showing their talent (P3)
I. Pre-reading
Can you play any musical instruments?
Did your school have any performances for Lunar New Year?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. Where did the author’s school hold the talent show this year?
A. In the dining hall.
B. In the library.
C. In the lecture hall.
D. On the playground.
2. What did the author do for the talent show?
A. She sang a song.
B. She danced.
C. She played the piano.
D. She played the oboe.
3. What activities were held during the talent show?
a. Dancing.
b. Martial arts.
c. Poem reading.
d. Gingerbread house competition.
A. abc          B. abd         
C. acd          D. bcd
4. The author felt that the talent show _____.
A. was a waste of time
B. could help her relax
C. was a little boring
D. was better than last year’s
III. Words in use
1. Eating dumplings on Spring Festival Eve has been a t________ in China for many years.
2. All of the students in our class ________ (参加了) our school’s talent show.
3. I have called him many t________, but he keeps saying that he doesn’t have any time to hang out.
IV. Post-reading
What is the hardest part of learning a new skill or talent? Is it possible to learn one while still focusing on your studies?
Video game teaches Chinese culture (P4)
I. Pre-reading
Do you play video games?
What kinds of games do you usually play?
How much time do you spend playing video games each day?
II. While reading
Answer the following questions:
1. When did the author come to China?
2. What is Overwatch?
3. Did the author know about Guan Yu before seeing him in the game?
4. What do Chinese people think of Guan Yu?
_____________________ _____________________
5. Why might Overwatch be popular among foreign players?
III. Words in use
Choose the answer:
1. The paper is made _____ wood and the desk is also made _____ wood.
A. of; from          B. of; of
C. from; of          D. from; for
2. - Is this model plane yours, Susan?
 - Yes, it’s mine. It’s made _____ myself.
A. of                    B. from
C. in                    D. by
IV. Post-reading
How do you spend your free time at home?
What are the dangers of playing video games too often?
Chang'e 4 begins its work (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Do you know how the moon moves around Earth and the sun?
II. While reading
1. What does the sentence “The other side ... has long been a secret to us” mean?
A. There is a secret place on the other side.
B. We don’t know much about the other side.
C. We are not interested in the far side.
D. The other side has already been known to men.
2. What do we know about the Chang’e 4 probe?
A. It left Earth on Jan 3.
B. It landed on the far side of the moon.
C. It has found out all of the moon’s secrets.
D. It is the first probe made by China.
3. Which of the following things did not go to the moon aboard Chang’e 4?
A. Cotton.
B. Potatoes.
C. Fruits.
D. Fruit flies.
4. What has Chang’e 4 done so far?
a. It has become the first probe to land on the moon.
b. It has grown some plants on the moon.
c. It has taken photos of the far side of the moon.
d. It has built a probe on the moon.
A. ab       B. bc       C. ac       D. cd
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
[secret      chance        history]
1. If you give me a _____ to speak, I'll explain.
2. Mr Jones has a long _________ of heart disease.
3. Why did you tell Bob about my illness? You just can't keep a ________, can you?
IV. Post-reading
Do you know any fairy tales about the moon?
Can humans live on the moon? Why or why not?
II. 1. B。根据第二段第1句 This year, our school held the talent show in the library 可知,作者学校今年的才艺秀是在图书馆举行的,所以本题选B。
2. D。根据第二段中间一句 I decided to play the oboe 可知,作者决定演奏双簧管,故本题选择D。
3. C。根据第三段的介绍可知,活动有歌唱舞蹈、吟诗、姜饼屋比赛,故本题选择C。
4. B。根据最后一段The talent show helped us relax.可知,作者评价才艺秀为令人放松的活动,故本题选择B。
III. 1. tradition   2. took part in   3. times
II. 1. About eight years ago. / Around 2011.      
2. It is a popular online game.      
3. No, he didn't.      
4. Chinese people see Guan Yu as a god, as they believe he can bring good fortune.  
5. Because it introduces Chinese culture to foreign players.
III. 1-2 CD
II. 1. B。根据上一句But did you know that you’re only seeing one side of the moon? 以及下一句 But now, we have a chance to see what’s on the far side.可知,人类对月球的另一半知之甚少,故本题选择B。
2. B。根据第二段第1句On Jan 3, China’s Chang’e 4 probe landed on the far side of the moon.可知,嫦娥4号在月球的另一半登陆了,故本题选择C。
3. C。根据第三段第3句 Chang’e 4 took six living things to the moon, such as cotton, potatoes and fruit flies. 可知带上月球的六样生物并没有水果,所以选C。
4. B。根据最后两段可知,嫦娥4号在月球上种植了植物,并且拍摄了大量的照片,故本题选择B。
III. 1. chance 2. history   3. secret

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