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初一教案 第648期


北京171中学 徐晶
Why is the lion missing? (P4)
I. Pre-reading
Can you name all of the animals in the Chinese zodiac? Which zodiac year were you born in?
II. While Reading
Answer the following questions:
1. Why is there no lion in the Chinese zodiac?
2. When did Chinese people first learn about lions?
3. When did Chinese people start to have the Chinese zodiac?
4. Where did China get lions from?
5. Is North America still home to lions?
III. Words in use
1. – Why is it getting dark outside so early?
 – ____ ____ ____ (这是因为) the sun is setting earlier these days.
2. There are no rivers in our town. _____ _____ ____ (那就是为什么) I love boating so much.
3. Bill got the job by getting up ____ ____ (比……早) Mike.
IV. Post-reading
There is a Western zodiac that is quite similar to the Chinese one. What is your Western zodiac sign?
Selling old things (P5)
I. Pre-reading
        What do you do with your old toys when you don’t want to play with them anymore? What about bigger things like furniture (家具) or electrical appliances (电器)?
II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. People in the US like to _____ during spring.
A. have parties
B. travel
C. clean their houses
D. take a break
2. How do Americans deal with old things that they don’t want to keep?
A. They throw them away.
B. They give them to friends.
C. They sell them at yard sales.
D. They give them back to stores.
3. What do we know from Paragraph 3?
A. Things at yard sales are expensive.
B. It’s difficult to find useful things at yard sales.
C. People like to buy bikes at yard sales.
D. People can find cheap and good things at yard sales.
III. Words in use
1. This palace is an e________ of ancient Chinese architecture.
2. Can you k____ the dog outside, please?
3. O____, however, Big Ben failed to give the correct time.
IV. Post-reading
In the US, there are many charities that collect old things to give to people in need.
1. American Red Cross
2. Vietnam Veterans of America
3. The Salvation Army
4. Dress for Success
5. Career Gear
6. Big Brother Big Sister Foundation
7. Planet Aid
8. Savers
9. Donate My Dress
10. Society of St. Vincent de Paul
11. Goodwill
12. Local Churches
13. Community Outreach Centers
14. Homeless Shelters and Missions
15. Thrift Stores
16. School Clothing Drives
Panda on the streets (P6)
I. Pre-reading
II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Which of the following descriptions about the Smart Panda Bus is correct?
A. The driver is a panda.
B. It is 22 m long and 12 m wide.
C. It can carry 22 people at a time.
D. It is all black.
2. What do we know about the Smart Panda Bus?
A. It is driverless.
B. It is dangerous.
C. It is free for people to take.
D. There are police officers on it.
3. Which city doesn’t have this kind of bus?
A. Changzhou.
B. Jinan.
C. Datong.
D. Deyang.
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
[call           carry         worry]
1. Ants can lift (举起) and ______ more than three times their own weight.
2. Put your dog in this machine. You won't have to ______ about washing your dog anymore!
3. - Hey! Please ______ me a taxi.
    - Okay. You are a taxi.
IV. Post-reading
Do you think these animal-shaped buses look fun? What kind of animal-shaped bus would you like to ride?
II. 1. Because there were no lions in ancient China.        
2. Around the late Eastern Han Dynasty.       
3. During the late Warring States Period.       
4. From several Central Asian countries.       
5. No, it isn't.
III. 1. This is because   2. That is why   3. earlier than
II. 1. C。根据第一段第2句 One example of this is spring cleaning可知,美国人春天清扫房屋,处理旧物。
2. C。根据第2段最后两句可知,美国人通常会在院子里或者小区里设置摊位卖出,所以本题选C。
3. D。最后一段描述了人们可以在庭院售卖中买到特别的好东西,作者以自己的经历举例,曾经花20美元买到了自行车,所以概括起来说,应选D。
III. 1. example    2. keep     3. Once
II. 1. C。从文章第一段可知,the Smart Panda Bus 外形酷似熊猫,全身并非通黑,长12米,可承载22人,C项的描述正确。
2. A。根据第二段第3句 The bus can drive by itself without a driver 可知,是无人驾驶,所以选A。
3. C。根据第三段第1句列举的城市可知,ABD都有涉及,而并没有C,所以本题最佳选C。
III. 1.carry   2. worry   3. call

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