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高三教案 第679期

•1. (2014江西)正是本着真诚和忠诚,我们创造了一种和谐的气氛。(强调)
•It was with sincerity and faithfulness that we created a harmonious atmosphere.
•It was my final exam, which is vital for me, that made me busy.
What made me busy was the final exam, which is vital for me.
What impresses us most are your art skills.
What is important is/are …
What matters/counts most is/are…
What strikes me most is/are…
What benefits me most is/are…
What we love most is/are…
What appeals to me most is/are…
Where music is like air (P4-5)
山东省烟台第二中学  孔洁
I. Lead-in
•What do you know about Vienna?
The Golden Hall of Vienna
Saint Stephen's Cathedral
When we think of Vienna, the first word that comes to mind may be “music”.
II. Skimming  
Divide the article into different parts
Part 1: Para. 1&2 Introduction
Part 2: Para. 3&4 Music is like air
Part 3: Para. 5-7 The coffee culture of Vienna
Part 4: Para. 8 Life in the evening
Read and judge
•1.2019 is the 10th year that Vienna has won the title of “the most livable city”.
•2.Compared with science, art is more famous in Vienna.
•3. Vienna is know as “the coffee capital of the world”.
•4. The coffeehouse was even included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage List. 
III. Scanning  
Read & answer
1. According to Mercer, what makes Vienna “the most livable city”?
Mercer says that Vienna has “a safe and stable environment to live in” and “a high level of public utilities and transport facilities”.
2. What’s you understanding of “music is like air”?
•Music is everywhere. 
•Many great composers such as  Wolfgang Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert and Johann Strauss are all closely associated with Vienna. 
•The city keeps this musical tradition alive with its concert halls and opera houses.
•There is a special tradition on New Year’s Day----an annual concert. 
3. What is the origin of the special tradition on New Year Day?
It dates back to 1939 when the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra plays an annual concert featuring the music of waltz king Johann Strauss in the city’s Golden Hall.
4. What do you know about the coffee culture in Vienna?
•Coffeehouses are some of the capital’s best-loved places. 
•This coffeehouse culture was even included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage List.
•Kaffee und Kuchen – coffee and cake – is an Austrian tradition. 
5. What do people usually do in the evening? 
In the evening, people love to slow down and explore the beautiful scenery along the Danube River, which flows through nine European countries. 
IV. Summary 
VI. Language focus
Analyze the following sentences 
•If music is a delight for your ears, a cup of Viennese coffee is a treat for your mouth. 
•A delight: sth that delight you
•A treat: sth that you enjoy
•a surprise / a shock/ a relief/ a success/ a failure/ a pleasure
•It's a pleasure to meet you.

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