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高三教案 第681期

Year of Raising Dog
制作人:南昌市外国语学校  朱庆鹏
I.Word Bank
gap year             n. 间隔年
visually-impaired     adj. 视力障碍的
enrollment           n. 登记
socialize             v.社会化
ecology              n. 生态学
mature              adj. 成熟的
II.Know your root
 Eco-      ecological  生态的;生态学的
ecosphere n.生态圈 ecosystem n.生态系统 ecocide n.生态灭绝  ecologist n.生态学家
 Bio-       life  生命;生物
biography n.传记  antibiotic adj./n. 抗生的;抗生素
III.Lead in
 What is the “Gap Year”?
A year before going to college or University and after finishing high school
The time students may engage in pre-college courses, volunteer work, travel, internships, sports and more
 What’s your plan in gap year?
Put on your backpack and travel to your dream place
Make contributions to the society. 
Keep your body fit
IV. Skimming
 What did Camden Olson do in her gap year? 
She spent the time raising a guide dog for Guiding Eyes for the Blind in Maine
V. Scanning
 What exactly does the Guiding Eyes do?
It provides trained guide dogs to blind and visually-impaired people without any profit. 
VI. Detailed reading
 According the American Gap Association, what has changed?
 What had Olson done before she became a volunteer?
 What's Olson's job?
 Why Olson felt bittersweet at last?
 How does the gap year help students?
1. According the American Gap Association, what has changed?
The enrollment in gap year programs grew 27 percent between 2012 and 2013.
2. What had Olson done before she became a volunteer?
She had kept an eye on guide dog services until she came across the opportunity at Guiding Eyes and had gained the support from her friends, family and teachers.
3. What’s Olson’s job?
Raising Derby, a one-year-old black dog, to be well-mannered and socialized.
4. Why Olson felt bittersweet at last?
She was happy for him to become a working dog,but she had to say goodbye to him.
5. How does the gap year help students?
It makes students more mature and more focused and  prepared than before.
VII. Usage tip
 Many seniors feel pressured to go straight from high school to college – but Camden Olson,... didn’t give in.
It's an environmental issue. — That's not a small matter. 这是个环境保护的问题,这不是一件小事。 
During my vacation—I must have been insane—I decided I would ski. 假期中,我准是疯了,我决定去滑雪。
Many seniors feel pressured to go straight from high school to college – but Camden Olson,... didn’t give in. (即本文用处)
News house, larger schools, more sheep, more pigs and chickens, more horses and donkeys—everywhere we saw signs of prosperity.  新房子,扩建的学校,更多的羊、猪、鸡,更多的马和驴,到处我们都看到一片繁荣景象。
Changing the definition of a library (P4)
吉林省吉林一中 李雪
I. Lead-in
Have you ever been to a public library?
What is it like? 
A traditional library’s characteristics:
Books are placed in rows on shelves.
Based on the title, could you predict what the article is about?
A library that breaks away from convention.
II. Skimming
1. What is the idea behind Helsinki Central Library’s design?
Finnish designers used the concept of a useful public space.
The idea behind its design is to make the place “an indoor town square”. 
The inside is mostly a large open space.
2. How is it different from a conventional library?
Helsinki Central Library Oodi’s features:
◆Design — an indoor square
without interior support columns, the inside is mostly a large open space
access to e-publications
sports equipment
power tools
◆Multi-function rooms 
accommodate both noisy and quiet activities
offer facilities like a 3D printer and recording studios
III. Discussion
Based on these features, what does Oodi library allow people to do apart from reading and borrowing books?
exchanging ideas/ voicing opinions
combine study with entertainment
build up their body during a break
a wider range of information with Internet access
download and print useful information
IV. Sentences
Paraphrase the article into sentences. Pay special attention to the words in red.
1. Finnish designers used the concept of a useful public space to prove the point.
Finnish designers came up with the idea to build the library as a public space to prove that libraries can serve the public in other ways.
2. Oodi pushes the boundaries of what a library can be.
Oodi went beyond the limits of a conventional library.
3. But given the fact that Oodi has attracted almost a million viewers, it's providing more than just books.
Considering that Oodi has attracted lots of people, it provides not only books.
4. Oodi goes even further.
Oodi takes their services to a more advanced stage.

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