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高三教案 第684期

A cry for recognition (P1)
河北师大附中  赵乃平
I. Lead-in
1. What is your dream for the future?
· being admitted to an ideal university
· finding a satisfactory job 
· having a happy family
2. What do you think these poor kids dream about?
II. Skimming  
What does the article mainly present?
It presents a new movie about the sad life of poor children.
III. Scanning  
1. According to the article, what kind of life do the poor children in the movie live?
They live a miserable, unfortunate and hopeless life.
2. What inspired Labaki to make the movie?
She decided to make the movie when she saw with her own eyes what a hard life the poor children in the slums of Beirut were living.
3. In the movie, what does Zain do to his parents?
He sues his parents for giving birth to him despite the fact they knew they couldn’t look after him.
4. What kind of life did Zain live before the movie was shot?
He had never slept in a bed.
He had never gone to school.
He didn’t have papers to prove his identity.
5. What was Labaki’s purpose in making the movie?
She hoped that Capernaum could create concern about poor Children, and not be just another film.
6. Has Labaki’s film had any influence? 
Yes. The film won the Jury Prize at Cannes.
· With the support of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Zain’s life has improved.  
· Zain now has the chance to receive an education, which makes it possible for him to dream about having a happy future like those other children.
IV. Deep thinking
What can teenagers do for those whose lives are less happy than theirs?
· Do not look down upon them.
· Help them if it is possible.
· Call on people to help those in need.
V. Language focus
 1. Translate the following words into Chinese
 2. Translate the following words into Chinese
 dream about 
 sue sb for 
 go beyond the borders 
 have an impact on 
Sentence analysis
Dancing to the tune of social media (P3)
I. Warming up
1. Have you ever been to a school dance or a dance somewhere else? 
2. Do you like surfing the Internet? Do you use social media like WeChat or Weibo?
3. If you were going to a school dance, would you share any photos online before the dance?
II. Skimming
1. What is the main idea of the article?
2. The use of social media is affecting the popularity of traditional dances in American high schools.
III. Scanning
1. What are the most famous parts of traditional dances in American high schools?
Students put on lip gloss, get their hair done, dress up, and socialize with other teenagers.
2. What is the result of the popularity of social media?
Social events seem to have become less social.
3. Why is there no element of surprise at school dances anymore?
Photos of makeup, hair and dresses are posted to show how much someone is having. Before a dance even starts, everyone knows who’s wearing what and who’s taking whom.
4. How do schools use social media to attract more students?
Some schools have marketed dances on social media like Twitter.
5. Why is prom still popular?
It is only available to seniors and sometimes juniors.
6. What are Baumgartner’s ideas about social media?
Sometimes it can help them to promote things. She accepts the new culture of social media but hopes it doesn’t affect teenagers’ ability to really communicate with each other at dances.
IV. Vocabulary
socialize with sb. 与…社交(交往)
with the popularity of sth. …受欢迎
fade away 逐渐消失
to be blame 归咎于
social media 社交媒体
be available to 可行的,可以参加的
face-to-face communication 面对面交流 
V. Discussion
In your opinion, how should we make the best of social media in our daily lives?
VI. Group Activity: Debate
One side supports the idea of this article
The other side is opposed to it
Time: around 7 minutes
Requirements: ask the students to try to use the words or sentences in this article.

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