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初二教案 第658期


Listen to your books (P2)
Do you often listen to audio books?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. How many adults listen to audio books these days?
A. Over 30 percent.
B. Around 26.8 percent.
C. 330 million.
D. 13 to 18 million.
2. Which age group likes audio book poetry the most?
A. Elderly people.
B. Adults.
C. Young kids.
D. Teenagers.
3. According to Wei Yushan, _____ help(s) the growth of audio books.
A. the need to make use of one’s free time
B. fast internet speeds
C. the large number of audio book production groups
D. the development of audio sharing platforms
4. What can we infer from the story?
A. Audio books have replaced printed books among young people.
B. More kids started to listen to audio books this year than last year.
C. Most people listen to audio books at least once a week.
D. Audio apps are working hard to produce more good audio books.
Word in use
become,   in addition,   mainly
1. You need money and time; ________, you need diligence .
2. She has _______ a lot more tolerant.
3. The birds live _____ on nectar.
Can you explain the advantages and disadvantages of audio books?
Celebrating our mothers (P5)
Choose the right words from the box and use their correct forms to fill in the blanks:
fill with, make, until, difficult, celebrate, send from, change, while
Mother’s Day is always on the second Sunday of May. This means that the date    1    each year.
How do people normally    2   茉莉) flower on a piece of slate (石板) stone. Mother's Day in the US? Adults buy flowers and make cards for their mothers,    3    schoolchildren often make special gifts in school. My mother still has a small painting I    4    for her. It's a bright purple jasmine (
 Mother's Day brunch is also popular. Brunch in the US starts around 10 am and goes    5    2 pm. On Mother's Day, every brunch restaurant is    6    families. People want to say, “I love you, Mom," while filling their faces with cheeseburgers and French fries.
 I have lived far away from my mother for 16 years. This makes it    7    for me to remember Mother’s Day. Also, gifts    8    overseas don’t always arrive on time. However, my mom is more special. She has her own personalized Mother’s Day - whenever I remember to send her a gift.
1. ______ 2. ______ 3. ______ 4. ______
5. ______ 6. ______ 7. ______ 8. ______
Why do we stop growing? (P6)
Do you want to be taller? Why or why not?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. The story said the following factors can influence our height EXCEPT _____.
A. age
B. genetics
C. nutrition
D. healthcare
2. What stops humans from growing taller?
A. Food.
B. Weather.
C. Lifestyle.
D. Evolution.
3. What can we infer from what Capellini said?
A. The overall growth of an organism decides its height.
B. Humans will become taller after millions of years of evolution.
C. If we want to grow taller, we have to become stronger first.
D. Our organ and bone growth processes are slower than our growth in height.
4. The author used Robert Wadlow as an example to explain _____.
A. what the ideal height is
B. that being too tall can be bad
C. how the tallest man in the world died
D. that height can cause an infection
Word in use
suffer from,   influence, dream of   
1. We became the best of friends and he ______ me deeply.
2. Many kids ________ acne and angst.
3. I _________ traveling around the world.
How can we increase our height?
Page 2
1. A。由第二段第三句“One in three adults listen to audio books. ”可知。
2. C。根据第四段第三句话“Their favorite categories are “stories for kids” and “poetry reading””可知。
3. B。根据倒数第二段第三句“Faster internet speeds mean one can download a whole book in just seconds, according to Wei Yushan, director of CAPP.”可知。
4. D。由最后一段大意可知,音频程序内容设计者正努力提升音频书的质量和数量。
Page 5
1. changes   2. celebrate 3. while 4. made 5. until 6. filled with 7. difficult    8. sent from
Page 6
1. A。由第二段“Height is mainly a result of genetics, though other factors like nutrition and healthcare can also influence our height.”可知。
2. D。根据第四段第一句“The answer is evolution”可知。
3. A。由第五段第一、二句“Height is not just about height. It’s about the overall biological growth of an organism”可知。
4. B。由倒数第二、三段可知,身体太高会带来较严重的健康问题。

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