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初一教案 第659期


DL No.1 Middle School    Isabella
Thai king is crowned (P2)
I. Pre-reading
Do you like traveling?
Have you ever been to Thailand?
Which animal is a symbol of Thailand?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. The “white elephant” parade in Thailand was held to _____.
A. stop the king’s coronation
B. celebrate the king’s coronation
C. welcome the king’s visit to the city
D. celebrate the new king’s birthday
2. Why were the elephants white?
A. Because they were born white.
B. Because white is Thailand’s national color.
C. Because they were painted white.
D. Because they wore white clothes.
3. What did the elephants do before the king’s image?
A. They drew pictures.
B. They knelt down.
C. They gathered and had a party.
D. They played with the mahouts.
4. From the story, we know that _____.
A. the king of Thailand doesn’t have real power
B. mahouts in Thailand have some power over other people
C. elephants in Thailand don’t know how to respect the king
D. white elephants are a symbol of power in Thailand
III. Words in use
1. 今年祖父的生日日庆祝仪式将空前盛大。
    My grandfather’s birthday _________ this year will be a great one.
2. 她穿了一条蓝色的牛仔裤。
    She was _______ in blue jeans.
3. 他将地上的树叶全部收了起来。
   He _____ the leaves up off the ground.
4. 他们希望重掌政权。
   They are hoping to return to ______.
IV. Post-reading
Different countries have different cultures. Can you name some examples of traditional Chinese culture?
Everything right to my door (P5)
I. Pre-reading
Do you often buy things online?
Do you often order food online?
Why do you like to buy things online?
How long do your orders usually take to get to your home?
II. While reading
Fill in the table:

Waimai differences
In the US
For 1.______
* People usually order 2.______ and Chinese food by waimai.
* They need to wait for 3.______ to get their order.
For other things
* It is not so quick.
* For some things, it will usually take at least 4.______ to send to your home.
In China
* You can get your order in just 5.______.
* You can order nearly anything.
The writer's thoughts
Waimai might make people 6.______ but it is quite convenient.

III. Words in use
1. I got a _______ (快递) of fresh eggs this morning.
2. The bottle is ______ (几乎) empty.
3. It was a great _________ (便捷) to have the school so near.
IV. Post-reading
What do you think of waimai? Do you think it will make people lazier?
Flies make food gross (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Why do people say flies are dirty?
What will flies do when they land on your food?
What happens to your food?
II. While reading
 Choose the answer:
1. Flies usually _____ first after landing on food.
A. taste the food
B. rub their feet
C. liquefy the food
D. lay eggs
2. What do flies use their vomit to do?
A. Make a mark so they can find food more easily next time.
B. Turn the food into liquid so they can drink it.
C. Get rid of bacteria on food.
D. Make it easier to rub their feet.
3. Flies might leave all of the following on the food EXCEPT _____.
A. teeth
B. saliva
C. poop
D. eggs
4. What does the story tell us?
A. Flies are not as gross as we think.
B. Not all food that is left outside will go bad.
C. Flies are the dirtiest insects in the world.
D. Do not eat food that flies have landed on.
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
[leave behind           get rid of         throw away]
1. It is difficult to _______ deep-rooted habits.
2. You can ________ a note.
3. You should ________ food that flies have landed on.
IV. Post-reading
What do you think about flies after reading the story? Would you eat food that flies have landed on?
II. 1. B。根据第2段The most interesting part of the celebration was the “white elephant” parade可知泰国国王加冕典礼最有意思的一部分就是白象游行。故本题选择B。
2. C。根据第2段They were not born white. People painted them this color.可知参加游行的白象不是天生的白色,而是人们涂成这种颜色。故本题选择C。
3. B。根据第3段The elephants then knelt before an image of the king.可知大象跪在国王的画像前。故本题选择B。
4. D。根据最后一段In Thailand, the white elephant is a symbol of power.可知在泰国,白象是权力的象征。故本题选择D。
III. 1. celebration 2. dressed 3. gathered   4. power
II. 1. food。在文章第一段In the US, lots of people have waimai, or food delivered (配送) to their home.
2. pizza。在文章第一段Pizza and Chinese food are popular.
3. half an hour。在文章第一段The delivery drivers can usually get the food to your door in half an hour.
4. one day。在文章第二段it will usually take at least one day to arrive.
5. 30 to 45 minutes。在文章第三段Here in China, I can order nearly anything and get it in just 30 to 45 minutes.
6. lazier。在文章最后一段Some say this makes people lazier. I guess they’re not wrong. But I really love the convenience
III. 1. delivery 2. nearly 3. convenience
II. 1. B。根据第2段Before eating, they need to “clean” their feet by rubbing them together.可知苍蝇在吃东西之前需要磨擦脚把脚擦干净。故本题选择B。
2. B。根据第3段When they land on food, they vomit their saliva to liquefy it so that they can drink it.可知苍蝇把唾液吐到食物上使之液化后才能喝掉食物。故本题选择B。
3. A。根据第3段Flies have no teeth可知苍蝇没有牙齿。故本题选择A。
4. D。根据最后一段they can still leave bacteria to your food, even if they’re on it for just a short time.可知即使很短的时间,苍蝇仍然会把病菌带到食物上,所以不要吃被苍蝇落过的食物。故本题选择D。
III. 1. get rid of    2. leave behind 3. throw away

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