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初一教案 第666期


Robot works in space(P2)

I. Pre-reading
1. Do you like the robot?
2. What can the robot do in daily life?

II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. Why is Skybot F-850 famous?
A. Because it is as tall as a real human.
B. Because it is much heavier than a man.
C. Because it is the first human-like robot to go to outer space.
D. Because it is the first robot to work in space.

2. What can Skybot F-850 do?
a. He does dangerous jobs in space.
b. He can work outside a space station on his own.
c. He can fly into space on his own.
d. He can answer questions.
 A. abc   B. abd
C. acd  D. bcd

3. How long will Skybot F-850 stay in space?
A. For one week.
B. For ten days.
C. About half a month.
D. About a month.

III. Words in use

1. 妈妈觉得我太瘦了,因为我只重40千克。

2. 在路上奔跑太危险了。

3. 我会尽全力帮助你的。

IV. Post-reading

1.What can a robot do in the factory?
2.If you have a robot, what do you want him to do?


Can phones teach us? (P3)

I. Pre-reading
1. Do you have a phone?
2. What do you usually do with your phone?

II. While reading
Choose the answer: 
1. The writer thinks that reference books _____.
A. can answer any question
B. are a useless educational tool
C. are not as good as the internet
D. can help students learn more than cellphones

2. Paragraph 2 mainly talks about _____.
  A. why cellphones are bad for students
  B. how to look for information on your phone
  C. how to find online courses
  D. how to use cellphones to study

3. According to the story, students using cellphones may _____.
  a. not be able to tell true or false information
  b. spend long time playing games
  c. be choking while using cellphones
  d. not be able to make new friends
A. ab  B. ac  
C. bc  D. cd

4. What does the writer think about cellphones?
A. Students are old enough to use cellphones on their own.
B. Students shouldn’t use cellphones.
C. Students should use cell phones in a right way.
D. Parents should stop their children using cellphones.

III. Words in use
rather than, be able to, on the other hand, give up

1. We should never _____ our dreams.
2. Mr. Li sometimes is my best friend,  ______ a teacher.
3. She studies in the college as a student. ____________, she works as an assistant in a bookstore.
4. I think I ________ be a basketball player in the future

IV. Post-reading
Is it right for teenagers to have phones?
Why or why not?

Our melting planet (P6)
I. Pre-reading
1. What is melting? The earth?
2. Where do the freshwater on the earth come from?

II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Over the last 100 years, the Okjokull glacier has gotten smaller by _____.
A. 14 square kilometers
B. 15 square kilometers
C. 35 square kilometers
D. 50 square kilometers

2. What is the correct order for the following things?
a. global warming        
b. greenhouse gas emissions  
c. ice turns into water     
d. sea levels go up
A. a→b→c→d      B. b→a→c→d
C. d→a→b→c   D. c→a→b→d

3. What will happen in 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions are the same?
A. There will be only water on Earth.
B. Temperatures on Earth will go down.
C. Half of the glaciers in the world will turn into water.
D. Global warming will not be a problem anymore.

III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:

1. thick            2. dying               3. remind             4. glacier

1.There is a huge ______ in front of them.
2. The snow is  as _____ as 30 centimeters.
3.The smell ______ me of my mum’s home-made bread.
4. Many kinds of animals are ______ because of global warming.

IV. Post-reading
1.What can we do to reduce (减少) greenhouse gas emissions?
2.What will happen if there are fewer glaciers?


II. 1. C。由首段最后一句I’m becoming famous now. I’m the first human-like robot to go into outer space!可知
 2. B。由第2、3段My job is to do tasks that are too dangerous for humans. For example, I will do some work outside of a space station. 和If you have any questions about my work, you can ask me and I’ll do my best to answer you. 可知。
3. C。Skybot 8月22日离开地球,9月7日返回,可知它在太空将停留半个月。

III. 1. My mum thinks I’m too thin, because I weigh 40 kilograms
    2. It’s too dangerous to run on the road.
    3. I’ll try my best to help you. 

II. 1. C。由第二段最后一句The internet, on the other hand, can answer nearly any question.可知作者认为参考没有互联网好。
2. D。由本段可知,手机可以帮助你查找关于各科内容的问题,解决考题,和在线课程学习,故本段主要讲的是如何利用手机学习。
3. A。由第4段Sometimes we can’t tell if the information is true or false. 和第5段Some people spend too much time playing online games. 可知。

III. 1. give up   2. rather than  3. On the other hand  4. am able to

II. 1 A。由首段About 100 years ago, the Okjokull glacier had an area of 15 square kilometers.和 But now it is only one square kilometer and is just 15 meters thick.可知,100年间减少了14平方公里。   
2. B。由第3段Its ice has turned into water because of global warming. Temperatures have gone up because of greenhouse gas emissions.可知温室气体排放是根本原因。   
3. C。根据第3段It said glaciers across nearly half of the world will be gone by 2100 if emissions don’t go down.可知。      

III. 1. glacier    2. thick   3. remind    4. dying

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