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初一教案 第671期



Look at a little world (P2)
I. Pre-reading
1. Have you ever seen a model show like this one?
2. Are giants real?
3. What would your life be like if you were a giant?

II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. The man with glasses looks big because _____.
A. he is very tall and strong
B. the people around him are big
C. the models around him are tiny
D. the people who look at him are small

2. Daily Mail might be a _____.
A. newspaper
B. story book
C. movie
D. model show

3. Which of the following about the show is correct?
A. In the show, people are big and animals are small.
B. It is the giant’s “Lilliput”.
C. Many people showed their works in the show.
D. The biggest model is as small as an iPad.

III. Word in use
1. 《蒙娜丽莎的微笑》是达芬奇的作品。
Mona Lisa is the ____ of Leonardo da Vinci.
2. 哪个故事展示了你的个人经历呢?
Which story ____ your personal experience?

IV. Post-reading
Lilliput in Gulliver's Travels
In Lilliput, people there are only six inches tall, twelve times smaller than normal humans. Gulliver is a giant to the people in Lilliput. He fights Lilliput’s neighbor by himself. The king is glad about this, but Gulliver refuses to destroy Blefuscudians, which makes the king upset. He also makes the queen angry by putting out a fire with his urine (尿).
Go out into the world (P3)
I. Pre-reading
1. Have you ever visited any other country?
2. If you had the chance to study abroad, would you do it?
II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. In the 1970s, how could Chinese study abroad?
A. Their families helped them.
B. Their teacher could help them.
C. They had many chances in school.
D. They had to work hard to get a chance.
2. More Chinese can study abroad now because _____.
A. their families become rich
B. overseas schools don’t ask them for money 
C. they don’t need to pay as much as before
D. overseas schools welcome Chinese kids

3. In 2017, how many Chinese students studied abroad?
A. About 608,400.
B. About 720,600.
C. About 834,900.
D. About 403.100.

III. Word in use
1. I need a _____ (机会) to talk with my teacher.
2. Bob is _____ (非常) good at sports.
3. This year, he had a sharp ____ (增长) in his height.
IV. Post-reading
Study abroad at a young age
Recently, more parents have sent their kids to study in foreign countries. Some of them are still in middle school. There has been some discussion about whether such young students should study abroad. There are concerns about their safety, finances and whether they might feel homesick. Some TV shows have talked about this topic.
Taking steps forward (P6)
I. Pre-reading
1. Have you seen the movie My People, My Country?
2. Can you give some examples of China’s scientific progress?
II. While reading









III. Word in use
Fill in the blanks.
decide      find out      come out      catch
1. It is illegal (违法的) to _______ human beings.
2. China works hard to _______ its economy.
3. Few people can ______ the north pole because it is very cold there.              
4. Your parents can always ________ you with their unconditional love.

IV. Post-reading
Discuss the discovery or achievement in the story.
Which one impressed (留深刻印象) you the most and why?

II. 1. C。根据第1段It’s because he is in a miniature model show,因为他处在一个微缩景观展上。故本题选择C。
2. A。根据第2段Another shows an office that is as small as an iPad, according to the Daily Mail可以猜测到Daily Mail对展览内容进行描写和介绍,应该是媒体。故本题选A。
3. C。根据第2段Many people brought their works to the show可知,许多人将自己的展品带来展示,故本题选择C。
III. 1. work     2. shows

II. 1. D。根据第2段People had to study hard to get a chance,人们努力学习才能获得出国留学的机会。故本题选D。
2. 2. A。根据第3段Thanks to China’s economic growth, Chinese families are able to pay for their kids to study abroad可知,因为经济的发展很多中国家庭能够负担起孩子出国留学的费用。故本题选择A。
3. A。 根据第3段Last year, 662,100 Chinese went abroad to study和This is a rise of 8.83 percent from 2017可知,662,100是2017年的1.0883倍。故本题选择A。
III. 1. chance      2. quite        3. rise       

II.  1. 1970    2. feeds   3. planted   4. space    5. first                 6. 7,000      7. fifth    8. far  9. cloning  10. monkeys

III. 1.clone    2. develop   3. reach    4. support 

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