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初三教案 第604期


Lighting up our home (P3)


What do you know about Halloween?

Do you celebrate it in your family?



While reading


1. What are usually hung up outside houses for Halloween in the US?

A. Pieces of candy.

B. A giant screen.

C. Black cats.

D. Lights.


2. What do we know about the author’s family?

A. They usually start to decorate their house in September.

B. Many of their decorations are used year after year.

C. They don’t decorate the outside of their house.

D. Their street is well-known for its decorations.


3. Some streets are more parents-friendly because parents can _____.

A. play sports

B. hand out candy

C. sit outside their homes

D. watch sports games on a screen


4. What is the author’s feeling about this year’s Halloween?

A. Tired.

B. Nervous.

C. Full of expectations.

D. Full of curiosity.



Words in use


1. During Spring Festival, Chinese people usually   _______ (装饰) their houses with colorful lights.
2. When we heard that our class won the most medals at the sports meet, our hearts were _________ (充满) happiness.

3. We are told that we will go to Xi'an, which is ____________ (......而为人熟知) its rich history.




In fact, there is more to Halloween than just trick-or-treating. For example, kids can make their own “scary” foods.

If you were asked to prepare dessert for Halloween, what would you make? Why?





Controlling our emotions (P5)


1. What would you do if you were in the situation described below?

2. Why would you choose to deal with it in this way?


While reading

1. What is EQ?

A. It is part of a person’s IQ.

B. It is a test of your emotions.

C. It measures one’s ability to manage emotions.

D. It measures one’s ability to build relationships.


2. According to the story, if you have a high EQ, you can _____.

A. show more emotion than others

B. be good at controlling your emotions

C. enjoy being the center of attention

D. get nervous more easily than others


3. What do we know about EQ?

A. The higher EQ a person has, the better job he or she can get.

B. It is necessary for everyone to take an EQ test.

C. A high EQ can help a person with both their work and personal life.

D. People with a high EQ never argue with others.


4. What does the last paragraph mainly tell us?

A. Many people are worried about having a low EQ.

B. People with a low EQ fail more often.

C. Positive thinking is part of having a high EQ.

D. There are ways to improve a person’s EQ.


Words in use


1. What will you use to m_______ the weight of these apples?

2. The whole class is d_________ into three groups and each group is responsible for one topic.

3. It seems quite o________ that you are late again.




Does anyone in your class have a high EQ? Why do you think so?

Which is more important in your opinion: EQ or IQ?




Breaking limits to set a record (P6)


1. Which sport do you like most?

2. How often do you exercise?

3. Are you interested in running a marathon?



While reading

1. Kipchoge was the first person to _____.

A. break a marathon record

B. finish a 42.2-km-long marathon in two hours

C. become an Olympic champion in Kenya

D. run a full-length marathon in Kenya


2. What do we know about Kipchoge, according to Wired magazine?

A. He trained to handle sharp hills and turns in Venice.

B. He trained in cool and dry weather.

C. He was wearing a pair of specially-designed shoes.

D. He ran 5 kilometers every day before the race.


3. What do Paragraphs 5-7 try to explain?

A. Kipchoge’s win was a result of teamwork.

B. Kipchoge worked harder than other runners.

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