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高三教案 第695期

See a city's secrets (P1)
宁波诺丁汉大学附属中学     贺晓云

Task 1: Warming up 
Watch the video and answer the following questions.

1. What are they doing in this video?  


2. Why do you think they risk their lives doing so?  

A. To challenge themselves.

B. To pursue adventures.

C. To demonstrate how unique their lives are.

D. To explore what others can't see.  


Task 2 Predicting

1. What do you think are the secrets of a city?   


Task 3 Scanning

2. What is the aim of urban exploration?  

Urban exploration is to explore structures - usually abandoned ruins or hidden areas of the manmade environment. 
Urban exploration = Urbex 


3. Why are the youth interested in urbex?  

Because through this, the youth/urban explorers can understand cities from a different angle.   

Task 4 Further thinking  

When exploring beautiful structures, is there any risk they need to take? What are they?  

1. Climbing up tall buildings and tip-toeing can be a life -threatening affair.

2. Injuries and even death are not rare. 

Task 5 Debating  Is it worthwhile to take life risks exploring cities' secrets? Why?  

New defense found for viruses (P6) 
山东省烟台第二中学 赵娜娜 

I. Lead-in  

What are the common symptoms when you have a cold? How many days does it usually take to recover from a cold? 

II. Reading for main idea

1. What’s the main idea of the passage?

It introduces a possible new way to stop the viral infections that cause the common cold. 


2. Why is it so hard to find a cure for the common cold?

The main challenge lies in the wide variety of cold viruses produced by the rhinovirus.  

III. Reading for details  Put the following steps in the correct order:
1. expose the modified cells to a range of enteroviruses 2. test all genes in the human genome 3. test genetically modified mice 4. identify a specific protein  Key: 2-1-4-3


IV. Illustrate the steps in detail.
    Test all genes in the human genome
To identify the gene that produces the protein needed by the virus, researchers used a gene-editing technique to test all genes in the human genome, one by one, for thousands of cells. 

 Expose the modified cells to a range of enteroviruses
These modified cells were then exposed to a range of enteroviruses, including the rhinovirus that causes the common cold. 

 Identify a specific protein
All the viruses were unable to replicate inside cells without a gene that produces a specific protein, called methyltransferase SETD3. 


Further reading  

What’s the difficulty of finding a cure for the common cold? What’s the possible solution found by this research? What needs to be done next? The main difficulty is that a single cure isn’t likely to work on every type of cold. Targeting a protein that all enteroviruses and rhinoviruses require and depend on. Next, a drug must be made that can temporarily suppress the protein in humans. 

Language Study  

Understanding sentences What do the following sentences have in common?

1. According to …, the main challenge lies in the many different types of cold viruses that are produced by the rhinovirus, Scientific American reported.

2. They discovered a protein that the viruses need.

3. To identify the gene which produces the specific protein needed by the viruses.

4. All the viruses were unable to replicate inside cells without a gene that produces a specific protein, called methyltransferase SETD3.

5. Then they tested genetically modified mice, which were completely unable to produce the protein.  

6. Carette said the plan is to find a drug which can temporarily suppress the protein.

7. We have identified a fantastic target that all enteroviruses and rhinoviruses require and depend on. They are all attributive clause Find the relative pronouns and what they refer to.  


1. She failed in the exam again, ____ made her mother very angry.

2. This is the solution ______ I’ve been looking for.

3. They cut down trees and use chemicals _______ kill the plants _______ monarch caterpillars eat.

4. His best movie, ______ won several awards, was about the life of Gandhi.  

Retell the passage following the three aspects:
    previous difficulty
    the process to find the solution
    what need to be done in the future 


Organize your words into a composition to introduce the research. difficulty solution further work 


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