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初一教案 第675期


Toy ship’s big trip (P2)

I. Pre-reading

1. What is she doing?

2. What do you think of this activity?

3. How far can your toy ship go?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. The brothers became famous because ____.

A. they are the first two kids in the UK to make a toy boat

B. their toy boat took a long trip

C. they went from the UK to an island on a small boat

D. they have toy boats that other kids don’t have


2. The brothers put a note in the boat to tell people _____.

A. who they are and where they are from

B. that they set a Guinness World Record

C. to help the boat stay in the sea

D. how long the boat was in the sea


3. From the last paragraph, we can learn _____.

A. where the boat arrived

B. how the boat could travel so far

C. how to make a toy boat like the brothers’ boat

D. it was difficult for the brothers to make the boat.


III. Word in use


1. 他以写小说和诗歌在国际上享有盛名。

    He became internationally ______  for his

    novels and poetry.

2. 她作为作家比作为歌手名声要大。

    She was more _____ as a writer than as a singer.

3. 我会一直等到他们来。

    I will wait until they _____.

4. 火车迟了20分钟到站。

    The train _____ at the station 20 minutes late.

5. 她将在正午抵达纽约。

    She will ____  in New York at noon.


IV. Post-reading

World Guinness Record

How are records measured?

Each record has rules (规定) and evidence (证据) so that everyone has to set their records under the same conditions (条件). The majority (大多数) of record attempts are verified by gathering this evidence and giving it to the Records Management Team to review.

Books for everyone (P3)

I. Pre-reading

1. What do you usually do in your free time?

2. What do you think about reading?

3. How can you get new books?

Books are our friends.

Reading makes a full man.

Life without books is meaningless…


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. In US high schools, students _____.

A. can get paid by hospitals

B. need to do community service

C. can make money by doing community service

D. help homeless people find food


2. What do we know about the writer?

A. She still has 40 hours of community service to do.

B. She wants to sell books to people who need them.

C. She is a primary school student.

D. She thinks people like old books more than new books.


3. What does the writer hope to do with her plan?

A. Find young people to help her with her work.

B. Help teens become more well-read.

C. Finish her community service easily.

D. Meet all kinds of different people.


III. Word in use


 1. The government aims to improve public ______

(服务), especially education.

 2. Could you ______(分发) these books, please?

 3. Many hands make light work.


IV. Post-reading

Volunteering can help you make friends, learn new skills, advance (促进) your career, and even feel happier and healthier. Learn how to find the right fit.

Benefit 1: Volunteering connects you to others.

Benefit 2: Volunteering is good for your mind and body.

Benefit 3: Volunteering can advance your career.

Benefit 4: Volunteering brings fun and fulfillment to your life.

Man- made ‘leaf ’ makes…(P6)

I. Pre-reading

1. What would it be like to stand in this forest?

2. What can the leaves do?

II. While reading





















III. Word in use

Fill in the blanks:

give off          turn into         take in           create           

1. The flowers _____ a fragrant perfume(芬芳).

2. It is important for us to ______ a better future.

3. The Monkey King can’t ____ himself _____ a man unless he hides his tail.

4. It’s hard to ______ the air as you get near the mountaintop.

IV. Post-reading

Plant a tree and take good care of it.                                                   





II. 1. B。细节理解题,题干关键词:famous

根据第一段“Two brothers from the UK have become famous for sending their toy boat on a very long trip.”可知,两兄弟因他们海上漂流很长时间的玩具船而出名。

2. C。细节理解题,题干关键词 put a note

根据第二段“The note asked anyone who found the ship to put it back in the sea.”可知,这个便条是为了提醒人们将船放回海中,使其待在海里。

3. A。段落大意题,关键词:arrived

根据第三段“In the end, the ship arrived in Barbados”可知,文章最后一段描述了玩具船的终点和人们对两兄弟的认可。


III. 1. famous      2. famous    3. arrive    4. arrived      5. arrive



II. 1. B。细节理解题,关键词: in US high school

根据第1 In most  US high schools, students need to do some community service each year.not getting paid 可知,美国高中生需要做无偿社区服务。

2. A。逻辑推断题。根据第一段we need to do 40 hours of community service I dont have any hours yet because I just started school.作者作为刚入学的高中生,还有40个小时的社区服务要做。

3. B。细节理解题。

根据第1段的内容,作者分发书本给无家可归、寄养家庭和难以获得书籍的青少年,帮助他们广泛阅读( being well-read)。

III. 1. services      2. hand out          3. 众人拾柴火焰高               



II. 1. the UK    2. box   3. two   4. water   5. gas    6. fuel   7. bad    8. energy

III. 1. give off        2. create        3. turn ... into         4. take in       




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