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高三教案 第697期

 Didi curfew causes controversy  (P2) 邯郸市第一中学 王永仙

 I. Leading in
•Have you ever used Didi Hitch?
•What is ride-hailing?
The ride-hailing industry is a new business form that combines traditional taxi services with internet technology and a sharing economy.


II. Skimming
What is the text mainly about?
It introduces a trial re-launch of Didi Chuxing's carpool (拼车) service, and a controversial curfew (宵禁) for women. 

II. Scanning
Activity 1 Read and judge
•1. Didi Chuxing announced a trial re-launch of its carpool service, Didi Hitch, nationwide with a range of new safety features.
•2. After the public backlash, Didi Chuxing changed its decision. Both men and women will be able to use Didi Hitch till 11 pm.
•3.Despite all the safety features, riders should check their drivers’ number plates, ensure they are being taken on the correct route, and inform friends of travel plans.
•4. With new safety features, Didi Chuxing will win back users’ trust.

Activity 2
What are the safety features of the following ride-sharing apps?

Activity 3
1. Why did Didi Chuxing suspended its ride-hailing service? 
•Because of the murders of two separate female passengers last May and August, respectively.

2. Which one of the new measures proved controversial? Why?
•It imposed an 8 pm curfew on women, but allowed men to use the service until 11 pm.
•Many users complained on social media that the policy was sexist.

IV. Language focus
•1. According to Didi, China’s top ride-hailing app, 81.3 percent of passengers preferred using an online service last year.
prefer sth
prefer doing/to do
prefer A to B; prefer doing A to doing B
prefer to do A rather than do B

•Despite all the safety features, riders should check their drivers’ number plates, ensure they are being taken on the correct route, and inform friends of travel plans.

I got off the bus, paid the fair and dashed to the station.

V. Further exploring  
Further thinking:
•With ride-hailing businesses slowly popping up around the world, how could riders remain safe  while enjoying the services?

•Hitch accounts for a "small portion of Didi's service." Didi Express, its main service, accounts for 80% of the company's business in terms of the number of rides.
•Didi is best known for successfully driving Uber out of China in 2016. Since then, investors have pumped billions more into the company. 
•The company has been expanding internationally, buying a Brazilian Uber rival in January 2018 and launching its own service in Mexico in April, 2018.

•1. Review key words and expressions.
•2. Try to make a summary of the news story. 

More awards for Atwood (P4-5)
宁波诺丁汉大学附属中学 贺晓云

Task 1  Warming up
1.Do you like reading novels? What’s your favorite novel? Why do you like it the best?
2. Is there anyone who wants to be a writer in the future? If so, what is your ultimate goal as a writer?
3. Is it easy to win a Booker prize? Why or why not?

Task 2 Predicting
1. Does this passage want to introduce an ordinary writer to readers? How do you know that?
  No. Because this title is demonstrated with an emphasis word “More”.

2. This word “More” here aims to_____.
   A. show what inspired Atwood to write
   B. introduce the value of the awards
   C. highlight Atwood’s achievements           
   D. place pressure on Atwood
Key: C

Task 3  Skimming(structure)

1. How many Booker Prizes has Margaret Atwood won? 
Two. But it is only a dream for most writers to win such 
a prize even once. 

2. What writing approach does the writer use in the first two paragraphs?
   A. Contrast.        B. Metaphor.       D. Simile.

Task 4  Scanning (Fill in the blanks with correct information)

Task 5  Further exploring
Which is not the main feature of Atwood's female characters according to the video?
A. independent        B. feministic
C. conservative        D. resistant 

Task 6  Writing
Writing Task: Please write a composition introducing your favorite writer. 
How to write a person?
Who is your favorite writer?
Why do you like him or her?
His/Her achievements; 
His/Her well known works;
His/Her personality;
His/Her background;
His/Her life experience …

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