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初一教案 第678期


Legos become art (P2)

I. Pre-reading

1. Do you like playing with Legos?

2. What do you make with them?

3. Do you think playing with Legos can be a real job?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. Nathan Sawaya’s works are _____.

A. all about dinosaurs

B. larger than life

C. bigger than he is

D. not made out of real Legos


2. Sawaya uses software to _____.

A. copy famous paintings

B. draw his works on paper

C. make simple designs

D. understand difficult designs


3. What do we know about Sawaya?

A. He still works as a lawyer and designer.

B. He has wanted to be a Lego artist since he was a child.

C. He hopes children can learn more about his works.

D. He is the best Lego artist to come out since 2001.


III. Word in use


 1. The Great Wall is  ______(著名的) all over the world.

 2. My sister has a good ______(工作) in a bank.

 3. My favorite subject is ________(美术).

 4. I often _________(帮助) my mother with the housework.


IV. Post-reading

The Lego Group is a toy company based in Billund (比伦德), Denmark. 

It is best known for the manufacture of Lego-brand toys. It also has several amusement 

parks around the world.

Giving a voice and a chance (P3)

I. Pre-reading

1. Do you know anyone who has a muscle disease (肌肉疾病)?

2. Is life easy or difficult for disabled people?

3. What do you think of them?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. The example of Emily’s English teacher shows that _____.

A. Emily loves writing

B. her teachers and classmates care about her

C. people sometimes look down on Emily

D. her English teacher thinks she is talented


2. What is the problem with TV shows that talk about disabled people?

A. Only disabled people can enjoy them.

B. The shows are not true.

C. The shows talk about their personalities too much.

D. They usually just make fun of the disabled.


3. Emily is making her voice heard by _____.

A. making a magazine with other disabled people

B. hanging out with other disabled teens

C. talking about TV shows in a magazine

D. becoming fashionable


4. From the last paragraph, we can learn that _____.

A. Emily talks really loudly

B. Emily thinks teens can be powerful

C. Emily thinks being disabled is meaningful

D. Emily does not care if people hear her


III. Word in use


bring               show            tired           want

1. I’m so_________. I really need some rest.

2. Dad can  ______ the books to me.

3. What do you ______ for your birthday?

4. She never________ her feelings.


IV. Post-reading

Magazine run by and run for young people with disabilities. It is an online and print magazine. It provides a platform for young people with disabilities who have something to say. 

 Are we in trouble? (P6)

I. Pre-reading

1. Have you ever seen any movies about asteroids (小行星) coming towards Earth?

2. Do you think one might hit Earth? If so, will it destroy our entire planet?


II. While reading

Fill in the table:


* It is an asteroid.

* It is as 1._____ as the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

* It may hit the Earth in the year 2._____.

The 3._____ of JF1.

* It will be a big 4._____ for us.

* Its 5. _____ will be equal to 230,000 tons of TNT.

* The explosion would be  6. _____ times larger than the atomic bomb that hit Japan in 1945.

* It might destroy cities 7._____ the ocean.

The possibility of the asteroid hitting Earth

The chance is one in 8. _____.



III. Word in use


1. 小心!有辆车开过来了。

 _______! There’s a car coming.

2. 他像牛一样强壮。

He is _________ an ox.

3. 请替我关注一下那个孩子。

Please _____________ this child for me.


IV. Post-reading

* Do you want to study asteroids? Why or why not?

* Do you think you could be an astronaut in the future?






II. 1. B。细节理解题。根据第一段第四句话可以得知Nathan Sawaya的作品比实物要大。

2. D。细节理解题,根据第一段的最后两句话可以得出:他使用乐高软件的目的是为了帮助他理解更难的设计。

3. B。推理判断题,题干为:关于Sawaya 我们知道什么?

根据最后一段第二句可知:成为乐高艺术家是他童年时候的梦想, 所以B选项正确。

III. 1. famous      2. job    3. art    4. help  



II. 1. C。细节理解题。根据第二段前两句可知: 人们有时候看不起Emily , 甚至她的英语老师也曾怀疑她的写作能力。

2. D。推理判断题。根据第二段第三句可知她所面临的更大的问题是: 像她一样的残疾人在电视上的糟糕形象。后面的句子接着举例说明电视秀上只展示了对残疾的幽默,而不是人的性格。

3. A。细节理解题。根据第三段前两句可知: Emily 决定回击,她和另外20位年轻的残疾人创办了一份杂志。

4. B。推理判断题。根据最后一段内容可知, Emily 厌倦了沉默,她知道自己的经历是有意义的,她认为当年轻人被给予机会时,力量是如此的强大。

III. 1. tired                 2. bring          3. want     4. shows               



II.    1. big     2. 2022    3. danger    4. problem 

      5. power   6. 15      7. near      8. 3,800

III. 1. Watch out        2. as strong as        3. keep an eye on


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