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初一教案 第687期(2)

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Online classes begin (P2)

I. Pre-reading

Do you want to study at home instead of going to school?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. The writer used Huang Yahui’s story to _____.

A. show how she studies Chinese, math and English

B. give an example of Chinese students studying online

C. tell students how to start online classes at home

D. tell other Chinese students to learn computer skills


2. Why did many Chinese schools put off the start of the semester?

A. Because schools want to start online classes.

B. Because students wish to learn by themselves online.

C. Because online classes cost schools less.

D. Because it is a way to help control the virus.


3. What do we know about online classes from the story?

A. Students can learn many new things.

B. Students do not need to do eye exercises.

C. Students still need to take part in class meetings.

D. Online classes last longer than classes in school.


III. Word in use


1. 你可以帮我把电视机打开吗?
Can you help me ________ the TV ?

2. 她努力控制着自己不要哭。
She tried hard to _______ herself and not cry.

3. 我们的老板经常把会议推迟,因为他经常迟到!
Our boss usually ________ the meetings because he is always late!

4. 你介意在家上网课吗?

Would you mind _______________at home?


IV. Post-reading

Write a curriculum(课程表) for yourself to study at home.

Do you think it is good or bad for students to study at home? Why or why not? Tell us 1-3 reasons.

Life in the time of outbreak (P4-5)

I. Pre-reading

Did you have gatherings(聚会)during this year's Spring Festival?

What did you and your family do?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. What is the first paragraph mainly about?

A. How this year’s winter holiday was different.

B. What people did during Spring Festival.

C. New services that began during the winter holiday.

D. Why family reunions were held this year.


2. According to Paragraph 2, what are people doing during this time?

A. They take medicine at home.

B. They follow rules and protect themselves.

C. They go to work in hospitals.

D. They buy as many masks as they can.


3. The last three paragraphs show _____.

A. examples of what teens are doing during this time

B. how doctors help their coworkers

C. how to buy masks abroad

D. why people need to behave themselves


III. Word in use


1. My brother felt bored at home and wanted to __________(闲逛)outside.

2. The doctor  _________(号召)everybody to give a hand during the outbreak.

3. The little girl always_______(生病)because she's so weak.

4. Let's_________(使...高兴)that old woman!


IV. Post-reading

What have you been doing at home while you're unable to go to school?

Tell us about something your parents or friends are doing at home during the epidemic.


Learning to code (P7)

I. Pre-reading

What do you know about computer code(代码)?

What is it used for?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. What is coding?

A. It is a foreign language in Europe.

B. It is a kind of new computer.

C. It is a skill that can be used to give orders to a computer.

D. It is a skill in school that every child must learn.


2. Who is Amy Mathers?

A. A teacher

B. The European Digital Girl of the Year in 2014.

C. The founder of coding.

D. An 11-year-old girl.


3. What do we know about CoderDojo?

A. It tells parents how to teach their children coding.

B. Students don’t have to pay to learn coding there.

C. It is the only place for children to learn coding in the UK.

D. All people are welcome to study there.


4. From the last paragraph, what do we know about children who want to learn coding?

A. They need to have a laptop.

B. There are more girls learning coding than boys.

C. The best age to learn coding is 5 to 17.

D. All children can learn coding in the UK.


III. Word in use


recently     volunteer    code     free

1. The man had no money for food, so the girl gave some bread to him for _______.

2. _______, he won first prize in a singing competition.

3. By learning how to _______ , you can write your own computer programs.

4. Several ________ are handing out leaflets on the street.

IV. Post-reading

Do you think it is good or bad for the children to learn how to code at an early age? Why do you think this?




II. 1. B。推断题。根据第3段的内容可得知,为了控制新型冠状肺炎的扩散,教育部下文学校的开学时间将会延迟,黄雅慧同学只是众多在家上网课学生中的一个缩影。所以正确答案为B

2. D。细节题。根据第3段的内容可得知,为了控制新型冠状肺炎的扩散,教育部下文学校的开学时间将会延迟,所以正确答案为D

3. C。细节题。根据第4,5段的内容可得知学生在家上网课的内容为复习旧知识,自习,传染病预防,眼保健操和班会。所以正确答案为C

 III. 1. turn on       2. control    3. puts off     4. taking/having online classes



II. 1. A。段落主旨大意题。从第1段的内容可得知,今年由于爆发了新型冠状肺炎,所以在新年里,人们的生活发生了一系列的变化。所以正确答案为A

2. B。细节题。从第2段的内容可得知人们的生活产生了哪些变化:待在家,遵循医嘱和遵守新规定,所以正确答案为B

3. A。细节推理题。从三个青少年的自我讲述可知,他们只是千万个宅在家的青少年的缩影。所以正确答案为A

 III. 1. hang out     2. called on         3. gets sick      4. cheer up       



II. 1. C。细节题。从第2段的内容,“Schoolchildren aged 516 can learn code, or the languages that are used to give orders to computers.”所以正确答案为C

2. B。细节题。从第3段的内容得知Amy Mathers11岁时开始学习编程,最近获得“年度数字化女生”称号,所以正确答案为B

3. B。细节题。从第4段的内容,“It runs free coding clubs”得知该俱乐部是免费招生,所以正确答案为B

4. A。细节题。从第4段的内容, All children need to bring is a parent, a laptop and the desire to learn how to code” 可知手提电脑是必备物品 ,所以正确答案为A

 III. 1. free    2. Recently       3. code      4. volunteers

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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