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高三教案 第708期

Don’t let your fear go viral (P6)
山西大学附属中学 杨熙君

By the end of February 21, 2020, a total of 2,236 people had died from the novel coronavirus. In 31 provincial-level regions in China, 75,465 confirmed infections had been reported.

Common types of discrimination

What are the reasons for discrimination?
Read the passage and fill in the mind-map.

What should people do when facing the epidemic according to Simon Judkins? 
We need to be pulling together as a multicultural, inclusive and diverse community to support each other and people affected by the outbreak.

Language focus
contagious adj.             (疾病)接触传染的
newfound  adj.               新获得的
epidemic    n.               传染病
xenophobia  n.               恐外症
in relation to               关于
refer to... as ...           把....比作...
clinical trial               临床试验 

1. Singling someone out who doesn’t look like you and falsely believing they are more susceptible (易受影响的) to the virus is more comforting than facing the facts: The virus doesn’t discriminate when infecting people. (Para 2)
single sb/sth out 
两个动词-ing短语Singling someone out ... 和falsely believing they are... 并列作主语。who 引导定语从句,修饰先行词someone;believing后面是省略that的宾语从句;when引导一个省略的时间状语从句,相当于when the virus is infecting people.
2. “This new virus has triggered (引起) something that is always latently (潜伏地) there, under the surface, which is this fear of the other and the idea that bad things come from elsewhere, ”Roger Keil, a professor in the environmental studies department at York University, said to The Verge. (Para 3)
“新病毒激发了一些长期潜伏在人们潜意识里的东西,即对他人的恐惧以及将坏事归咎于别处的想法,”约克大学环境研究系教授罗杰·基尔对The Verge(美国科技媒体网站)说。 
句型分析:①本句直接引语部分的主句是:This new virus has triggered something;② 第一个that与下文的which都引导定语从句,修饰something;③第二个that引导同位语从句,说明idea的具体内容。 

3. “This is a time when we need to be pulling together as a multicultural, inclusive (包容性的) and diverse community to support each other and people affected by the outbreak, and not use an event like this to promote division and xenophobia,” Simon Judkins, the immediate past president of the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine, said to the Guardian. (Para 5)
pull together  vi.  
immediate  adj. 
“当下,我们需要同心协力创建一个多元文化的、包容的、多样化的社会,互相彼此,同时也支持那些受疫情影响的人们;我们不能用类似的事件去深化分裂与排外,” 澳大利亚学院急诊医学刚刚卸任的上届主席Simon Judkins对《卫报》说。
句型分析:when引导定语从句,修饰先行词time; affected by...是过去分词短语,作poeple的后置定语。

4. Rather than pointing fingers to people who look a certain way, some prominent (著名的) leaders and organizations are using their heads and donating money toward relief efforts. (Para 6)
point fingers to/at sb sb. 指责(某人),责怪 
use one's head 认真思考,动脑筋 
In our globalized world, we are all in this together.

Steel Roses Blooming (P7)
山西运城康杰中学    连芳

What was the result of the World Cup Qualifying match between China and Australia?
Read and figure out the genre of the article.
A news report.

Para 3:
1. What does AFC stand for?
AFC stands for Asian Football Confederation.
It was founded in 1954, consisting of 46 clubs, with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur (吉隆坡).

2. What happened before the qualifying tournament?
Coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, which was closed down on January 23. Three players – Wangshuang, Yaowei and LuYueyun – were forced to stay at home.

Para 4:
3.  What happened after Chinese players arrived in Brisbane?
They had to receive medical check and they endured a week-long quarantine period.

4. How did they train themselves?
They trained themselves in their rooms and hotel corridors. 

Para 5:
5. What's the result of matches against Thailand and Taipei ?
Chinese beat Thailand and Chinese Taipei, 6-1 and 5-0 respectively.

Para 6:
6. How does coach Jia Xiuquan evaluate the team?
They’ve shown great skill and executed (执行) our tactics (战术) well.

Para 10:
7.  How did Wang Shuang inspire her teammates?
She showed support for her teammates with a Weibo message after the third match, which read: “I’m so proud of all of you!”

Para 11:
8. What's the key to success from Jia Xiuquan's perspective?
Preparation, good performance and attention to details
9. What's the treasure of the Chinese soccer team?
Their calmness, unity, optimism and toughness in adversity (逆境).

Language focus
1. The odds were against the Chinese women’s soccer team, but the “Steel Roses” stood strong.
odds means “chances”, e.g.
Invest now- the odds are that the share prices will rise after the budget.
The odds are in favor of a Russian victory.
The odds are against sb 某人(成功)可能性小,希望渺茫 
Always make a total effort , ever when the odds are against you.  

2. Even under normal circumstances, the second-place finish in their AFC Olympic qualifying tournament would have been cause for applause. However, given the disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak, their achievement is deserving of extra praise.
would have been cause for ...是虚拟语气的主句。
given the disruption :considering the disruption
Given the general state of his health, it may take him a long time to recover from his operation. 

3. The tournament, which was originally meant to be staged in virus-hit Wuhan, was switched to Australia with short notice. 
short notice “临时通知”,e.g.
A long time ago, I was asked to switch assignmnets on very short notice, from a fun project to a much less fun project.
We hope to stage four plays this season.
He used to play tennis, but now he's switched to golf. 

4. Upon their arrival in Brisbane on Jan 29, the Chinese players endured a weeklong quarantine (隔离) period, restricting them to training as best they could manage in their rooms and hotel corridors ahead of their opening match against Thailand in Sydney on Feb 7. 
upon their arrival in Brisbane: as soon as they arrived in Brisbane
they could manage ....是定语从句修饰training。

5. The Roses somehow still managed to beat Thailand and Chinese Taipei, 6-1 and 5-0 respectively, before wrapping up the campaign with a dramatic (戏剧性的) 1-1 draw against host Australia on Feb 13.
respectively: 各自地,依次地。
My two sons, Adam and Alexander, are five and nine, respectively.
wrap up means “finish or complete”, e.g. 
The police will soon be wrapping up the investigation.

6. Tang Jiali’s 86th-minute strike (进球) seemed to have earned China the win after striker Wang Shanshan spurned (踢开) several chances to finish the game off. However, the Aussies made China pay when Emily van Egmond fired home in the 92nd-minute.

7. Tang admitted the result was hard to swallow but immediately set her sights on preparing for the playoff against South Korea.
He swallowed the last of his coffee and asked for the bill.
Daisy tried hard to swallow her doubts. Daisy努力抑制她的疑心。

8. “In general, our team had great performances. But it’s pretty disappointing to draw the game this way at the end,” said the midfielder. 
“总的来说,我们队表现很好。但是以这种方式打成平局是非常令人失望的” 这位中锋说。

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