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初一教案 第688期



Staying in is no problem (P4-5)

I. Pre-reading

1. How did you

2. spend your time at home?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. What has made the holiday long?

A. The virus outbreak.

B. Bad weather.

C. Sad feelings.

D. New inventions.


2. Why does Liu Yixin love making music?

A. Because he thinks it is a good way to show his feelings.

B. Because making music helps him with his exams.

C. Because he can spend more time with his friends.

D. Because music can bring him money and fame.


3. Matthew and his friend think dancing can _____.

a. encourage people to exercise

b. lift people’s spirits

c. bring people a better day

d. help them make more new friends online

A. abc            B. bcd          C. acd            D. abd


4. In what way did Ma Qichao want to surprise readers?

A. Writing poems in both English and Chinese.

B. Hiding a message in the first letters of each line of his poem.

C. Making a dance video.

D. Working with writers from Wuhan.


III. Word in use


 encourage   lift   touch    creative

1. Writers should have lots of _______ ideas.

2. His story _________ me deeply.

3. Saying something nice to the people in need is a way to ________ their spirits.

4. My mother always _________ me to do things that I'm interested in.



IV. Post-reading

    If you're a reporter, please choose one of these three students to interview(采访.

Write a dialogue(对话)and ask about things you want to know.


Clear virus worries (P6)

 I. Pre-reading

1. Are you worried about the outbreak?

2. What kinds of worries do you have?


II. While reading

Answer the following questions:

1. Where is Wu Keying from?


2. What percentage of people are deeply worried about the outbreak?


3. Why did Wu Keying wear a mask while sleeping at home?


4. What is paragraph 4 about?


5. According to the story, what should we do to stay calm?



III. Word in use


1. Don't feel too _________(有压力的)when you're having an interview. Everything will be fine.

2. The little girl was so _________(害怕的)that she started to cry.

3. The old man ________(接受) a gift from his relatives.

4. Can you stop your son from _________(打架) with his classmates?



IV. Post-reading

Can you write a letter to comfort(安慰) Wu Keying, the 13-year-old girl from Chengdu?



Time for bugs to come back to life (P7)

 I. Pre-reading

What do you know about the solar terms(节气)?

II. While reading

T (True) or F (False)?

1.  Each year, insects reappear in summer. (      )

2.  People see earthworms, butterflies and snakes come back to life in spring. (        )

3. Spring plowing starts during Mangzhong. (        )

4. Autumn is the most important time for farming. (         )


III. Word in use


1. 请别吵醒宝宝,他正睡觉呢!
Please don't ________ the baby. He is sleeping!

2. 阳光总在风雨后。
The sun always ________ after it rains.

3. 他小的时候从不帮家里干活。

He never ________ the housework when he was young.

4. 别太认真,我只是在开玩笑。
Don't ______ it too ______, I'm just kidding.


IV. Post-reading

Try to write something about one of the solar terms.  






II. 1. A。细节题。根据第1段的内容“Because of the virus

outbreak, many of us have already stayed at home for more than a month!”,宅在家假期变长的原因正是由于新型冠状病毒的爆发,所以正确答案为A

2. A。细节题。根据小标题Write a rap song的内容“Music is the best way for me to express myself.” 可知,他喜欢音乐,正是因为音乐能传达他的心声,所以正确答案为A

3. A。细节题。根据小标题Encourage people to dance的内容可知,舞蹈不仅能使人们振奋开心,还可以在家锻炼身体,所以正确答案为A

4. B。细节题。根据小标题Write an English poem的内容可知, You can hide a message in the first letters of each line and surprise your readers as they read downwards”,所以正确答案为B

III. 1. creative       2. touched    3. lift     4. encourages



II. 1. She comes from Chengdu, Sichuan province.

2. Nearly 80 percent of people.

3. Because she was scared.

4. How people can stay positive.

5. We should keep a normal routine.

III. 1. stressed      2. scared         3. accepted      4. fighting       



II. 1-4 FTFF

III. 1. wake up    2. comes out       3. helped with      4. take; seriously

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