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初二教案 第689期






Moving quickly against the virus (P3)




I. Pre-reading

·- What do you think of the start of 2020?

  • A troubling start.


II. While Reading

1. How has China impressed the world in fighting the epidemic?


The manner --- organized --- move quickly against the virus



·The latest reports show that _________.

·Several provinces have recorded _______.


2. What can we learn from Paragraph 2?

A. President Xi Jinping went to Wuhan in person.

B. China’s leaders are treating the epidemic seriously.

C. Governments at all levels are doing their best.

D. Public health and safety doesn’t always come first.


3. Officials who ____ were removed.

A. did a poor job

B. responded quickly

C. were unhealthy

D. were responsible


4. How would Antonio Guterres describe China’s response?

A. Not strong enough.

B. Quick but weak.

C. Worthy of praise.

D. Effortless. 


5. According to Bruce Aylward, _____.

A. China’s solution has been useful and effective.

B. China’s solution is not suitable for other countries.

C. China is the most powerful country in the world.

D. China’s solution is the only way to deal with the epidemic.


III. Word in use

1. The novel coronavirus epidemic outbreak has brought a _____ (令人不安的) start to 2020.

2. China has ________ (impress) the world by _____ (fight) the epidemic in a fast, organized and effective manner.

3. President Xi Jinping stressed that governments at all levels should put public _____ (卫生) and _____ (安全) first.

4.To better control the epidemic, some officials in Hubei were _____ (免职) for their slow response and poor measures.

5. By ____ (pool) the strength of the whole country, China has built an ____ (有效的) prevention and control system. 


IV. Post-reading


As students, what can you do in the fight against the epidemic?







Science can help us win (P6)



I. Pre-reading

·Who are they?

·What are they busy doing these days?


II. While Reading

1. What's the key to understanding the virus?



2. What's the best way to end the epidemic?



3. Is it easy to make vaccines?

·It can take as many as ______ years to develop a vaccine .

Scientists have to _______ new vaccines on _____ and then on humans.


4. a) What can supercomputers do for us?



b) What are scientists using supercomputers to do now?



c) How?



5. Fill in the blanks

Chinese scientists’ efforts


To understand the virus

• On 1. _____, scientists in Wuhan released the genetic sequence of the coronavirus.

• They then 2. _____ this data with other countries.


Nucleic acid test kits

• The Kehua Biochemical Company made the 3. _____ kits.

• The kits take 1.5 to 3 hours to provide 4. _____.

• Now 5. _____ testing kits can be made every day.

New medications and treatments

• Plasma from 6. _____ can be used to stop the virus.

• Some kinds of 7. _____ are being used.



• It can take as many as 5 to 10 years to develop a 8. _____.

• New vaccines will be tested on 9. _____ and then on humans.

• Potential vaccines might come out as early as 10. _____.


III. Post-reading

What do you want to say to the scientists and doctors working for our safety and health?







Tough bikers protect children (P7)



I. Pre-reading

·Guess according to the title.

What might the article be about?


II. While reading

1. The story is about a group of bikers who _____.

A. ride motorcycles to school

B. protect abused children

C. are tough and scary looking

D. like to ride bicycles in their spare time


2. What are bikers like?

·Bikers are usually ____ guys who look a bit _____ with their ____ jackets,

___ beards and _____.


3. How do abused children feel when the bikers are near?

A. Safe.

B. Scared.

C. Angry.

D. Touched.


4. Paragraph 5 is mainly about _____.

A. where to find bikers for abused children

B. why bikers help abused children

C. how to make friends with bikers

D. how bikers protect abused children


5. The president of a US BACA chapter calls himself “Shaggy” because _____.

A. he wants to get more help

B. it helps him hunt down bad guys

C. he wants to protect himself

D. his real name is too long


III. Word in use.

Fill in the blanks

1.  these children need to provide testimony ____ (反对) their abusers in courts.

2. When the bikers of BACA show up in court, these children feel much ______ (safe).

3. They don't mean to ______ (伤害) others.

4. Their biggest goal is _______ (保护) kids.

5. The bikers visit abused children at home to make sure they are being_____ (take) care of.


IV. Post-reading

·Are there any abused children in your neighborhood ?

·What can you do to help abused children?










II. 1. new infections have dropped; zero new infections

2. 正确答案B

正文第二段提到“ President Xi Jinping Premier  Li Keqiang 对疫情所付出的努力,可知国家领导人如何认真高效处理疫情,所以选B

3. 正确答案A

remove一词意为免职,那免职的原因肯定是不好的,而且根据文章内容To better control the epidemic, some officials in Hubei were removed for (表示原因) their slow response and poor measures . (slowpoor 两个形容词),我们得知他们执行力差,所以选A

4. C

5. A

III. 1. troubling 2. impressed; fighting 3. health; safety 4. removed 5. pooling; effective



II. 1. Find the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus .

2. Through vaccination.

3. 5-10; test; animals

4. a) Supercomputers can help us a lot .

b) Scientists are now using supercomputers to look for possible drugs.

c) The computers can also analyze the genetic data of the virus and help scientists develop vaccines.

5. 1. Jan 11   2. shared   3. first   4. results   5. 1.7 million   6. recovered patients    7. traditional Chinese medicine   8. vaccine   9. animals   10. late April or May



II. 1. B

2. big; scary; leather; big; tattoos

3. A

4. D

5. C

III. 1. against 2. safer 3. harm 4. protecting 5. are taken

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