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初二教案 第690期






Be brave and do what you can (P3)



I. Pre-reading

What is the definition of a “hero”?

Do you have any heroes?


II. While reading

1. Christopher Reeve’s words explain _____.

A. why people want to be heroes

B. that heroes should have superpowers

C. what a real hero should be like

D. that a hero isn’t always smart


2. What kinds of people are called “heroes in harm’s way”?

a. Those who are doubtful.

b. Those who stand out in hard times.

c. Those who are responsible.  

d. Those who are afraid of fighting.

A. bc           B. bd       C. ac        D. cd


3. Paragraph 4 mainly describes _____.

A. the roles of elderly volunteers

B. humor’s role in the epidemic

C. heroic media workers

D. heroic medical workers and scientists


4. The story mainly tells us that _____.

A. only those who do great things can be heroes

B. many heroes lost their lives during the outbreak

C. all heroes have superpowers

D. many heroes have helped out during the outbreak


III. Word in use.

Fill in the blanks

1. A hero is someone who, in spite of weakness, _______ (怀疑的) or not always knowing the answers, goes ahead and overcomes anyway.

2. Out of _______ (责任) , or just simply wanting to do their jobs, some choose to hold their fear down, stand out and fight the virus.

3. doctor Zhang Wenhong from Shanghai tries to tell the public about the virus in a _______ (humor) way.

4. Construction (建筑) workers race _______ time to build makeshift hospitals.

5. As long as there are heroes and heroic _______ (行为), _______ (胜利) will come for sure


IV. Post-reading

·How does this writer describe heroes?

· “True heroes dare to look squarely (直面) to the gloomy life and are bold in facing up to the dripping blood (淋漓的鲜血).”







Clever words inspire us (P4-5)



I. Pre-reading

·What kinds of slogans or sayings have you seen during the epidemic?

- Mask or ventilator, you can choose one.

- Lonely for two weeks, lively for a lifetime.

- “Feel bored staying at home? So does the virus. If you stay longer, the virus will be bored to death.”


II. While Reading

1. What won Zhang Wenhong sudden fame on the internet?

A. His medical skills.

B. His way of speaking.

C. His personal stories.

D. His special treatments.


2. What do we know about Zhang Wenhong?

A. He is not a CPC member.

B. He put people’s interests first.

C. His straightforward way of speaking offends some people.

D. He encouraged his colleagues to stay away from patients.


3. According to Zhang, the best way to stop the virus is _____.

A. to prevent it

B. to develop a vaccine

C. to check patients

D. to do more research

4. We might describe Zhang Wenhong as _____.

A. a strict person

B. an irresponsible man

C. a superstar

D. a respectable doctor


III. Word in use

Fill in the blanks

fame, celebrity, famous, applause, example

1. Zhang has become an internet _______ due to his funny and frank (率直的) way of talking.

2. His straightforward way of speaking quickly won _______ across the country.

3. Zhang set an _______ by checking on pneumonia patients every day. (humor) way.

4. But Zhang might not care about his sudden _______. When asked about his feelings after becoming _______, Zhang told the media.


IV. Post-reading

·What do you think of Doctor Zhang?

·What qualities should an internet celebrity have?








Defending her title (P7)



I. Pre-reading

Who are your favorite athletes?


II. While reading

1. How many times has Zhang Weili won the UFC belt?

A. Once.                

B. Twice.

C. Three times.                  

D. Five times.


2. How did the epidemic affect Zhang Weili?

A. It made her training harder than usual.

B. She was late for the match.

C. She was upset because of the outbreak.

D. The match was put off due to the outbreak.


3. How did Zhang Weili react to Joanna’s Twitter post?

A. She ignored the Twitter post.

B. She made fun of her as well.

C. She was angry about it.

D. She hit Joanna after winning the match.


4. Zhang Weili thinks that while facing the epidemic, _____.

A. trash talk is helpful

B. people don’t have to respect each other

C. we should protect ourselves first

D. everybody should unite and fight together


III. Word in use.


IV. Post-reading

·How do people like Zhang Weili become famous?

·What can you learn from them?






II. 1. C

2. A

3. D

4. D

III. 1. doubts 2. responsibility 3. humorous 4. against 5. deeds; victory



II. 1. B

2. B

3. A

4. D

III. 1. celebrity   2. applause   3. example   4. fame   5. famous



II. 1. B

2. A

3. C

4. D


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