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初一教案 第691期



Lots of rest is the best (P2)

I. Pre-reading

Do you have any sleeping problems?

What causes(导致)you to lose asleep?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. According to the story, sleep can help people _____.

A. feel less stressed out

B. learn better habits

C. remember to do tasks

D. play with their smartphones less


2. What do we know from Paragraph 3?

A. More than half of adults have sound sleep.

B. Many Chinese people have sleep problems.

C. Losing one or two hours of sleep is not a big problem.

D. We should try to sleep as much as possible. 


3. A 16-year-old boy should sleep _____ a day.

A. 7 hours

B. 8 hours

C. 9 hours

D. 10 hours


4. How did People’s Daily describe Zhong?

a. A professional doctor.

b. A clever traveler.

c. A professional scholar.

d. A brave soldier.

A. abc     B. bcd    C. acd     D. abd


III. Word in use


1. 史密斯先生有着睡前喝牛奶的习惯。

    Mr Smith has _____________drinking milk before going to bed.

2. 别总依赖别人,自己尝试一下!

    Don't always __________ others. Try things yourself!

3. 她太忙了,总睡得不够。

    She is too busy and couldn't _______________.

4. 我妈妈买了至少三条裙子。

    My mother bought _________three dresses.


IV. Post-reading

Can you name two ways to improve your sleep?


How should we greet people? (P6)

I. Pre-reading

Can you guess which countries these people are from?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. To stop the virus, French people might _____ to greet each other.

A. kiss cheeks twice

B. make eye contact

C. give a big hug

D. wink twice with one eye


2. In Australia, you should not pat _____ back.

A. your teacher’s     

B. your classmate’s

C. your friend’s      

D. your sister’s


3. The writer uses the video from Lebanon to show that _____.

A. tapping feet is a traditional Iranian game

B. tapping feet is a new way to greet each other

C. tapping feet is popular among celebrities

D. tapping feet is a fun game in Lebanon


4. Which is a safer way to greet each other during the outbreak?

A. Shaking hands.

B. Kissing cheeks.

C. Waving.

D. Touching noses.


III. Word in use


proper       wave       impolite       greet

1. Let's send postcards to ________ our friends!

2. It's quite _________ to make fun of others.

3. The old man________ at me from the other side of the road, but I didn't know him!

4. Is there any _________ advice for Peter's problems?


IV. Post-reading

Which way to greet do you like best? Why?

Celebrating math (P7)

I. Pre-reading

Look at the picture. What do you think people do on Pi Day?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. What do we know about pi?

A. Pi is the diameter of a circle.

B. Pi is an endless number.

C. Pi can only be written in Greek.

D. Pi was found by an American.


2. In what way do American people celebrate Pi Day?

a. Eating pies.

b. Holding pies.

c. Discussing the number.

d. Remembering pi’s digits.

A. abc    B. bcd    C. acd     D. abd


3. The “Pi In the Sky” activity this year asked students to calculate _____.

A. where Mars is

B. where to land on Mars

C. where the perfect spot on Earth is

D. where to live on Mars


III. Word in use


1. The government(政府)_________(提供) lots of help to the poor.

2. Why don't you________(庆祝) Valentine's Day with your girlfriend?

3. Shall we have a ___________(讨论)first before making our decision?

4. My mother always _________ me when I feel bad.


IV. Post-reading

Write a slogan for Pi Day.







II. 1. A。细节题。根据第一段的内容可知“Sleep is important because it gives our bodies time to recover from the stress of living.” ,所以正确答案为A

2. B。主旨大意。根据第三段的内容可知,中国有很多人面临睡眠问题,所以正确答案为 B

3. C。细节题。根据文章最后一段的内容可知“ The Sleep Foundation says that teenagers need 8.5 to 9 hours a day” ,所以正确答案为C

III. 1. the habit of        2. depend on    3. get enough sleep     4. at least



II. 1. B。细节题。根据小标题 No more kisses 的内容可知“simply looking into a person’s eyes can be a greeting” ,所以正确答案为B

2. A。细节题。根据小标题Pat on the back的内容可知“But it might not be a proper greeting for everyone. For example, it’s a bit impolite if you do this to your teacher” ,所以正确答案为A

3. B。细节题。根据小标题 Tapping feet together 的内容可知“There is a similarvideo from Lebanon. It shows two celebrities tapping their feet against each other while making kissing sounds with their mouths.” ,所以正确答案为B

4. C。细节题。根据Did you know的内容,在疫情期间,握手,亲脸颊和碰鼻子都是不安全的,而招手是安全的方式,所以正确答案为 C


III. 1. greet   2. impolite   3. waved   4. proper       



II. 1. B。细节题。根据文章第二段的内容可知 “It is about 3.14, but the number goes on endlessly” ,所以正确答案为 B

2. C。细节题。根据文章第三、四的内容可知,所以正确答案为 C

3. B。细节题。根据文章最后一段的内容可知“ This year, students were asked to use pi to calculate the perfect spot to land on Mars,” ,所以正确答案为B

III. 1. offered       2. celebrate      3. discussion       4. encourages

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