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Decoding respirator cultures (P4-5)
江苏省泰兴中学  叶乐红

What is the first thing you do when you have to go out these days?
How much do you know about the cultural differences behind face masks?

Read to predict
From the title "Decoding respirator cultures", what do you think might be discussed in the article?
· Cultural differences
· Reasons to wear masks
· Mask types
· ...

How is the article organized?

Read to understand
1. What are the different attitudes toward masks?
Most people from the East believe that wearing a mask is essential to control the spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP).


But people in the West generally would argue that, unless one is already ill, wearing a mask is simply unnecessary.

2. Why do Eastern people wear masks, according to the article?
 To protect themselves from illness
 To enjoy the comfort of being protected
 To express their personal style
 To express  group-oriented values

3. How can wearing a mask serve as an outward expression of group-oriented values?
With one's face partially covered, one becomes part of a giant collective.
By disguising an individual’s face, it gives greater salience to collective identity.

4. What is the general Western opinion on mask-wearing?
 Individual values are the most important.
 A face mask is reserved only for those showing symptoms of illness.

5. What affects people’s mask-wearing choices?
· Social culture
· Peer pressure

6. What attitude should we hold towards different respirator cultures?
 Respect other people’s opinions, no matter how different they are.

Critical thinking
1. What's your own opinion on the effectiveness of masks?
2. In your view, when is it appropriate to wear them?

Vocabulary focus
Find proper words or phrases from the article to match the expressions below:
1. Mask:                                                                                         _________
2. A disease that spreads across a large region, for instance multiple continents, or worldwide:                                                        _________
3. Extremely important or absolutely necessary to a particular subject, situation, or activity:                                                                   _______
4. Be rooted in:                                                                            _________
5. To hide sth or change it, so that it cannot be recognized:________
6. Clean and free of bacteria; therefore unlikely to spread disease: _________
7. Something wrong with your body or mind that is a sign of the illness:
8.  Pressure from other people who are the same age or who have the same social status:                                                                      _________

(Key: 1. respirator  2. pandemic  3. essential  4. be engrained in 5. disguise  6. hygienic 7. symptom 8. peer pressure)

Write a short passage to summarize the article in 60 words.

Will the show go on? (P7)
江苏省泰兴中学  叶乐红

Can you describe these pictures? What are they doing?

The Olympic torch lighting ceremony
What is special about this year's torch lighting ceremony?

Fast reading
Will the Tokyo 2020  Olympic Games be held as scheduled, according to the article?
It has not yet been decided.

Detailed reading
1. What is special about this year's Olympic torch lighting ceremony according to the article?
The Greek Olympic shooting champion Anna Korakaki became the first woman in history to launch the Olympic relay.
The high turnout for the torch relay in Sparta forced Greece to cancel the Olympic flame’s remaining stops in other Greek cities.

2. Fill in the following timeline.

3. How has COVID-19 affected the Olympics?
It has hugely affected Japan’s Olympic preparations and forced the postponement, cancellation or relocation of several qualifying tournaments.

4. What is the general attitude of Tokyo 2020 organizers?
Tokyo 2020 organizers are keen to press on with the event, despite the outbreak.

5. What will be the main priority according to the IOC?
The health and safety of the thousands of torchbearers, spectators and staff will be the first priority.

Language focus
1. Vocabulary
 Find the proper words or phrases from the article to complete the sentences:
1) You must take all reasonable p________ (预防措施) to protect yourself and your family.
2) The government has agreed to lift ________ (限制) on press freedom.
3) His eyes are his most ______ (显著的) feature.
4) The company is _____ ___ _____ (坚决继续进行) its plan for a new warehouse.
5) Financial security was high on his list of ________ (首要事情).

(Key: 1. precautions 2. restrictions 3. notable 4. pressing on with 5. priorities)

2. Sentences
Translate the following sentences.
1) On March 12, the Olympic torch lighting ceremony was the first to be held without spectators in more than 35 years due to the threat of COVID-19.
* the first to do sth. 此处动词不定式作序数词的后置定语

2) Given the unprecedented circumstances the world is facing, the health and safety of the thousands of torchbearers, spectators and staff will be the first priority.

Explore more information about the Olympic torch lighting ceremony online.

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