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初二教案 第692期






Speeding life up (P2)



I. Pre-reading

1. What do you know about 5G?





II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. What can 5G services bring to users?

A. It’s cheaper than 4G services.

B. It offers better connection speeds.

C. It makes devices smarter.

D. It is easier to use than 4G.


2. According to GSMA, China _____.

A. plays a leading role in developing 5G technology

B. has surpassed Japan in developing 5G technology

C. has the largest 5G market in the world

D. has spent too much time developing 5G


3. What does the Chinese government have to do with 5G?

A. It started to build 5G base stations On March 12.

B. It doesn’t know whether 5G will succeed.

C. It cut costs for base station construction.

D. It supports the development of 5G.


4. What was the meaning of Mats Granryd’s quote?

A. China is going to become a developed country.

B. 5G is driving China’s economic growth.

C. 5G technology will earn China a lot of money.

D. Digital devices will be upgraded along with 5G.



III. Word in use.


1. I ______ (提供) him with everything he needee.  

2. If these lands must ______ (被用于) growing beans, they should be watered regularly. 

3. They drummed up ______ (支持) for our plan.


IV. Post-reading

How can 5G change our lives?








Changing our lives (P3)



I. Pre-reading

1. What objects do you regularly reuse?

2. Do you think it’s hygienic to do so?


II. While Reading

Choose the answer:

1. According to the author, the strong point of the sharing economy is that_____.

A. it lasts longer

B. it costs less

C. it’s popular

D. it’s hygienic


2. Paragraph 3 is mainly about _____.

A. how working at home won’t last long

B. how shared offices can save space

C. the hygienic problems of open offices

D. the sharing economy trend


3. According to the author, restaurants can spread the virus easily because _____.

A. everything is shared in many restaurants

B. they use too much disposable tableware

C. many restaurants have poor hygiene

D. cups and chopsticks are often reused


4. The author probably agrees that _____.

A. we need to change some of our lifestyles

B. the sharing economy won’t last forever

C. no one can stay out of the sharing economy

D. we shouldn’t stay away from shared products


III. Word in use


1. If you go out shopping without a _______ (可重复使用的) bag, you'll have to use a plastic bag instead.  

2. Japanese  ________ (被期望做某事)bow to each other when meeting for the first time. 

3. The economy's growth is no longer seeing any _______ (增长).


IV. Post-reading

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the sharing economy?







New tech can save our lives (P4-5)



I. Pre-reading

What can robots do for us?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. What did robots do during the epidemic?

a. They delivered medicines.

b. They disinfected wards.

c. They transferred patients.

d. They checked temperatures.

A. abc                       B. abd      

C. acd                 D. bcd


2. What happened to the severely ill 67-year-old patient in Wuhan?

A. He was treated remotely.

B. He was treated by robots.

C. He was transferred to Beijing.

D. He was not diagnosed with the virus.


3. The AI software developed by Ping An Smart Healthcare can help _____.

A. save treatment costs

B. collect and transfer data

C. develop a vaccine

D. reduce doctors’ burdens


4. The story is mainly about _____.

A. how smart technology is developing in China

B. why China was slow to control the epidemic

C. how smart technology helps doctors during the outbreak

D. which smart technologies are being developed in China


III. Word in use.


1. We must ________ (阻止) the virus from spreading.  

2. All you have to do is think a little harder and ________ (想出) a new solution. 

3. ______ (允许) me to pose several questions.


IV. Post-reading

How can technology help us save lives?





I. · It offers faster connections.

· China is developing fast in this field.

· China started 5G commercialization in 2019.

II. 1. B

2. A

3. D

4. B

III. 1. provided 2. be used for 3. support



II. 1. B

2. C

3. D

4. A

III. 1. reusable   2. are expected to   3. increase



II. 1. B

2. A

3. D

4. C

III. 1. prevent  2. come up with  3. Allow

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