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Unification over opposition (P2)
江苏省扬州中学  顾霞

1. What is the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in China?
2. What is the situation of the pandemic throughout the rest of the world?
3. As a Chinese citizen, if this pandemic were called the Chinese virus or Wuhan virus, how would you feel? Why?

Skimming and scanning
What is the main idea of the text?
Some politicians attempted to politicize the novel coronavirus, damaging international solidarity.

Division and structure
Part 1: Para 1   Brief introduction
Part 2: Para 2-6  Trump stigmatizing China
Part 3: Para 7-11 China's opposition

Detail reading
Para 1
How do we need to address the COVID-19 pandemic with the world?
We need solidarity, hope and a coordinated global response, instead of politicizing the novel coronavirus.

Para 2-6
How many shifts did US President Donald Trump make when talking about the novel coronavirus?
What are these shifts?
Why are there shifts?

Para 7
What is the function of Para 7?
A. It concludes the topic.
B. It attracts readers' attention. 
C. It introduces the following content. 
D. It helps us to better understand the article.
Key: C

What might be the potential harm and negative impact of stigmatizing a country with the new coronavirus?
Such a move will divide the international community, and it will hamper the disease prevention and control efforts.

What attitudes should be taken to treat COVID-19?

Critical thinking
1. What do you think of Trump's stigmatization of China using COVID-19?
2. As nation that has gained lots of experience in fighting against the virus, should we provide selfless aid for the world, including the US?

Understanding the title
Unification over opposition
Where science cannot arrive for the time being, humanity will.

Leading healthier lives (P4-5)
江苏省扬州中学  顾霞

1. If you were sick during the COVID-19 pandemic, would you dare to go see a doctor at a hospital?
2. How do you feel when you’re isolated at home during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Title prediction
Read the title and predict what the text might talk about.

Fast reading
Which of the following points are discussed in the text?
   A. Weaknesses in visiting hospitals.
   B. Benefits of seeing doctors online.
   C. Free movies release online.
   D. Disadvantages of watching movies at home.
   E. VR headsets is a must when people watch movies at home.

Key: ABD

Detail reading
Para 1
What is the function of the first paragraph?
Para 1: To briefly introduce the topic.
Going through this hard time, we are aiming to make our lives healthy and interesting.

What is Paragraph 2 mainly about?
   A. The importance of staying healthy.
   B. The necessity of seeing a doctor when necessary.
   C. The disadvantages of the traditional way of seeing a doctor.
   D. The difficulty of seeing a doctor during the epidemic.

Key: C

List the disadvantages of the traditional way of seeing a doctor.

Para 3
Wang’s words were quoted in Paragraph 3 in order to prove that online medical care is ____.
   A. convenient
   B. unreliable
   C. cheap and saves time
   D. not very efficient

Key: A

Para 4
What is the function of Para 4?
While physical health is important, enriching our lives has also become a top issue.

Para 4 serves as 

Key: a transitional paragraph

Para 5-8: Comparison

What can be used to compensate for the deficiency in watching movies at home?
virtual reality (VR) headsets

Critical thinking
1. What do you think of online medical care? Will you continue to use this method of consulting doctors when the pandemic is over?
2. What do you think of some production firms releasing their latest movies online, during such a special occasion?

Talk and share
Have you innovated some ways at home to make your life healthier and more interesting?

    超长寒假:prolonged winter vocation


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