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初二教案 第695期(1)

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Together while apart (P4)



I. Warm up

·How do you spend your time at home during novel coronavirus pandemic?

·Do you stay in touch with your friends? How do you connect with them?



Watch the video and answer the questions.

1. What's the game's name?

·Animal Crossing.

2. What can you do in this game?

·We can design and build houses, shops and restaurants.

·We can invite friends.



Look at the title.

·Do people together with their friends in real life?

·No. They stay home and get together online.


II. While reading

Fast reading

1. What do players think of the video game?  

·It's a unique way to stay social at home that has made a big difference for many people.

·Players feel relaxed.

·It improves their mental health.


Careful reading

·People stay social by playing a video game during the pandemic.

· In this social simulation (模拟) video game, players can talk to animals, go fishing, hunt for bugs and plant gardens.

·Why is the game so popular these days?

Because players can invite their real-world friends into the game to do activities together.

·People can hold parties, visit museums or create works of art.

·One couple even held an in-game “wedding”.

·People get together in these ways.

· Easter (复活节) is a Christian holiday. It’s widely celebrated in Western countries. Children and their parents often dye eggs together. These eggs represent (代表) good wishes.

·The game made a big difference for people. People celebrated Easter in the game.

·The game made a huge difference to people's mental health. (精神健康)


III. Post reading

Choose the correct answer:

1. The author wrote this story to _____.

A. explain what he has been doing recently

B. show how to stay social at home

C. talk about his own experience playing video games

D. describe a popular video game


2. How might players feel while playing the game in the story?

A. Competitive.

B. Relaxed.

C. Horrible.

D. Fancy.


3. How do players socialize in the game?

A. They stay in touch with real friends through the game.

B. They beat enemies together in the game.

C. They make new friends at parties.

D. They share real-life resources in the game.


4. According to Steph Panecasio, Animal Crossing _____.

A. is the best video game ever

B. wastes a lot of time

C. is good for one’s mental health

D. teaches her how to grow a garden


IV. Word in use.

Complete the sentences using the words in the box.


hang    continue   due to    relaxing      cancel




1. He had to _______ some meetings because he was busy.

2. I find swimming so________.

3. The bus was delayed ________ heavy snow.

4. Air travel will ______ to grow at about 6 percent per year.

5. We can just ____ out and have a good time.


·Animal Crossing lets people spend time together online.


V. Extra reading

·This girl's name is Yi Shiqi.

·Is she a real girl? Find the answer in the text!


Influencing the future

Born in Chengdu, Sichuan province, Yi Shiqi has accumulated nearly 10 million followers on video-sharing platform Douyin, also known as Tik Tok. Every two days, she updates her feed with a short clip illustrating the funny, sitcom-like relationship she has with her boyfriend. 

Except that she's not real. She is just a character simulated by computer. "We designed her as a neighborhood girl, who is a little lazy, and cares about looks and money like most people do," Song Wei, founder of Chengdu Yiji Culture Technology Co, Yi's developer, says. 

After a year of development, a 3D version of Yi was released last month. With one blue and one brown eye, she wears a pair of headphones around her neck and two panda-shaped hairpins.

Song says she hopes that within the year, Yi will have accrued 20 million followers. Currently, about 57 percent of Yi's followers are male and about 40 percent of the character's total fans are aged between 18 and 25.

"In the future, we will release a short sitcom series, which will unveil Yi's background and her life," Song says. Born on Jan 12, 2001, Yi will "go to the Sichuan Conservatory of Music" soon, a designed plot for the character that will lay a foundation for her to expand her "career" as a singer and dancer, and encounter friendship, loss and love, just like every teenager does, according to Song. 


·She is not real. She's a computer-simulated character.

·Q: What is the girl like?

A: She is a little lazy and mostly cares about looks and money.

·Q: Who are Yi's main followers?

A: Males between the ages of 18 and 25.




影响:1. 长时间玩电脑游戏,容易疲劳,对眼睛有害。  


      3. 父母和老师会生气 

建议:1. 多锻炼,对身体有益   

      2. 多读书报,有帮助于培养兴趣       

      3. 和朋友们一起看电影,听音乐 

参考词汇:be bad for 对……有害    

          develop your interests 培养兴趣






III. 1. cancel 2. relaxing 3. due to 4. continue 5. hang

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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