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初三教案 第626期(2)

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Meeting again for the first time



Warm up

particular: greater than usual

phenomenon: a common event in nature or society

reproduce: to make sth happen again in the same way

replace: to be used instead of sth/sb else

recognize: to know who sb is or what sth is when you see or hear them, because you have  seen or heard them or it before

1. Globalization is a _________of the 21st century.

2. I ________him as soon as he came in the room.

3. The atmosphere of the novel is successfully _______ in the movie.

4. ______emphasis will be placed on oral language training.

5. Teachers will never be _____by computers in the classroom.


1. phenomenon   2. recognized              3. reproduced      4. Particular  5. replaced




Careful reading

Text structure

Paragraph 1: What is “deja vu”?

Paragraph 2: How to explain “deja vu”?
Paragraph 3: An example of “deja vu”.

Paragraph 4: Good sides of “deja vu”.


Reading comprehension

Part 1: Choose the best answer for each question.

1.“Deja vu” refers to _____.

A. a phenomenon that happens during sleep

B. a phenomenon that happens more than once

C. a sense of familiarity in a new situation

D. a common feeling of strangeness


2. 2. How can scientists explain deja vu?

A. By experiencing it themselves.

B. By reproducing it in an experimental setting.

C. By studying video games.

D. By studying people who have poor memories.


3. What do we know about deja vu, according to Paragraph 3?

A. It seldom happens to people with good memories.

B. It shows that our brains are in good shape.

C. It is recognized as a mental illness.

D. It happens when our memories fail.


4. The last paragraph tells us about _____.

A. the positive sides of deja vu

B. the influence of deja vu on memory

C. new findings about deja vu

D. young people who experience deja vu


Part 2: Answer the following questions.

1. What's the name of the video game that was used to study deja vu?

  The Sims

2. Is deja vu a failure of memory?

  Yes. Scientists think deja vu might be explained as a simple failure of memory.

3. What is epilepsy?

  A brain disease that can cause seizures.

4. Should we be worried when we experience deja vu?

  There is no need to worry as long as it doesn’t affect your daily life.

5. Why are young people more likely to experience deja vu?

As their brains are still growing.


Reading Skill Main Idea & Supporting Details

The main idea is the major point that the author wants readers to understand.

Supporting details are used to explain the main idea. Supporting details give more information about the main idea.

According to the main idea, find three supporting details in the text.


Words in use

Vocabulary Building Strategy 1 - Borrowed words

The English language borrows words directly from languages from all around the world. Look at the chart for some examples.


Vocabulary Building Strategy 2 - Prefix (re-)

A prefix is a letter or group of letters added to the beginning of a word to change its meaning. Once you learn to recognize a prefix, you can use its meaning to help you understand and remember the meaning of words that start with the prefix.


Vocabulary Word: reproduce – meaning: to make sth happen again in the same way

Other words that contain the same prefix: rebirth; rebuild; reappear

Sentence from the text:

1. Scientists have tried to use VR technology to reproduce it.

2. These problems are difficult to reproduce in the laboratory.


Complete the crossword and use the words to finish the sentences.


Words: phenomenon  particular      reproduce     replace  recognize


1. We must pay _________ attention to this point.

3. Glaciers are unique and interesting natural _________.

4. We haven’t met for ages. I could hardly _________ him.


2. The new design will eventually _________ all existing models.

4. The effect has proved hard to ________.



Across: 1. particular   3. phenomenon          4. recognize

Down: 2. replace        4. reproduce


Post reading:

Complete the 3-2-1 reflection.

3-Facts I learned:



2-Questions I have:



1-Opinion I now have:




本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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