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初二教案 第696期(2)

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Top snacks of the UK (P5)



I. Pre-reading

·What are snacks?

Snacks are light meals, or food that is eaten between regular meals.

·Brainstorm and choose some of your favorite snacks:








ice cream


II. While reading

Tip: A subheading tells what each section is about.


1. What did the recent survey find?

A. Britons eat lots of snacks every day.

B. Europeans don’t like to eat snacks.

C. Britons like to eat crisps the most.

D. Young Brits like to eat snacks.


2. In the section about chocolate, “the list is endless” means _____.

A. there are many choices for chocolate products

B. newsstands sell different flavors of chocolate

C. chocolate is not available in the UK

D. it’s impossible to taste every kind of chocolate


Tip: The first sentence of a paragraph is usually the topic sentence. It tells what the paragraph is mainly about.


3. What can we learn from the last section?

A. Most snacks are unhealthy.

B. Some kids aren’t allowed to eat snacks.

C. Eating too many snacks is unhealthy.

D. Schools should ban vending machines.


Tip: The first paragraph is usually the topic paragraph. It tells you what the passage is mainly about.


4. The passage is mainly about _____.

A. worries about snacks

B. popular snacks in the UK

C. a recent survey

D. food culture in the UK


III. Post reading

Top snacks in your class

1. Do a snack survey in your class.

2. Write an article about what you find (facts/ description of two favorite snacks/health suggestions)




Protecting our pets (P2)



I. Pre-reading

·What are pets?

Pets are animals that you keep in your home to give you company and pleasure.

·Why do some people like keeping pets?

Pets make people happy and prevent loneliness.

Pets give people a sense of being needed because pets depend on people for food and shelter.


1. Why should we protect our pets?

2. Who else protects our pets?

3. How do they protect our pets?


II. While reading

1. Why should our pets be protected?

Because some people still sell and eat dog and cat meat.


2. Who else protects our pets?

The government (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs).


3. How do they protect our pets?

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs introduced a draft document. It says dogs will no longer be treated as livestock.

1. What does the phrase “put into place” mean in Paragraph 1?

  1. 禁止     

B. 传播

C. 放置      

D. 落实


2. The draft banned the consumption of dogs based on the belief that _____.

A. Westerners don’t eat dogs

B. dogs are companion animals

C. dogs are special livestock

D. dogs carry as many viruses as bats


3. According to the BBC, _____.

A. people wrongly think that many Chinese people eat dog meat

B. eating dog meat is not good for us

C. pets are not regarded as livestock

D. most Chinese people enjoy dog and cat meat


4. The last two paragraphs are mainly about _____.

A. why we shouldn’t eat dogs and cats

B. how the draft will be carried out

C. local living conditions in poor areas

D. people who are against the draft


·Why are some people against the draft?


III. Word in use

·announce (v.) to tell people sth officially, especially about a decision, plans, etc.宣布,宣告(决定、计划等)

·draft (n.) a rough written version of sth that is not yet in its final form 草案

·ban (n./v.) to decide or say officially that sth is not allowed 明令禁止,取缔

·cheer (n.)  to shout loudly, to show support or praise for sb, or to give them encouragement 欢呼,喝彩

·consider (v.) to think of sb/sth in a particular way 认为;以为;觉得

·be treated as (v.) 被视为

·make a living(v.) 维持生活


IV. Post-reading

1. What can teenagers like you do to protect pets?

2. Make a poster with a theme of protecting pets.




Why is it made like that? (P4-5)



I. Pre-reading

·The design we see every day

·The creativity behind the design


II. While reading


III. Post-reading

·The creativity behind the designs we see every day

1. What is the name of the design?

2. Who is the designer?

3. How is it useful or creative?

4. How does it affect our living experience?

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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