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高二战疫合刊 Bracing for hard times (P32)

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Bracing for hard times (P32)
江苏省沭阳高级中学 刘玉娟
In the face of a previously unknown virus, China has rolled out perhaps the most ambitious, agile and aggressive disease containment effort in history.
During this epidemic, many senior high students have continued to pursue their dreams by studying hard at home.
We are convinced that we will succeed in fighting against the virus.

However, the world is not ready. The situation outside of China is concerning, as the world saw a huge increase in the number of new cases and the WHO raised its global risk assessment of the virus from "high" to "very high.
Herd immunity to COVID-19 would only be reached when approximately 60% of the population has recovered from the disease.
Herd immunity: will the UK’s coronavirus strategy work? 
U.S. President Donald Trump once responded to the virus like this, "It’s going to disappear. One day, like a miracle, it will disappear.“
Do you think his comment ridiculous?

How have people from different countries responded to the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic?

The structure of the passage:
Para 1: Introduction: People’s _______ toward the epidemic can vary. (attitudes)
Para 2-7: The _________ for people’s differing attitudes in the US, Germany and Japan. (reasons)
Para 8: The key to surviving the epidemic is a strong _____________. (healthcare system)

Due to the different conditions and healthcare systems, people’s attitudes towards the pandemic can vary in the US, Germany and Japan, which indicates that each country’s healthcare system is the key to ensuring people’s safety and survival during a severe pandemic.

Reading for details
1. As to the novel coronavirus epidemic, why are the conditions in the US getting worse?
(Answer: In the US, there is no universal healthcare system. The vast majority of people don’t have adequate health insurance; Many people have no choice but to conceal their symptoms because of the high cost of healthcare. )

2. Why are the conditions to deal with the virus in Germany among the best in the world?
(Answer: Germany has one of the world’s best-developed public healthcare systems. People can follow the quarantine measures and stay at home without having to worry about losing their jobs. )

3. In spite of its universal public healthcare, Japan still has difficulty in dealing with the pandemic, why?
(Answer: People in Japan tend to seek more medical care than is necessary. It will be a burden for Japan if everyone with light symptoms visits a hospital. )

Critical thinking 
Recently, some inbound passengers were found to have hidden their travel history to countries or regions hit hard by the epidemic. Some have even masked their symptoms by taking fever-reducing medication to pass customs checks.
In order to avoid losing their jobs, some people conceal their symptoms or refuse to follow the advised quarantine period. Do you think this is right? What’s your opinion?

Language focus

1. According to the 2019 US Census, 28 million people are not covered or do not have adequate health insurance, meaning that they would probably avoid getting tested for the virus, for fear of the cost of being hospitalized.
分析:28 million people are not covered or do not have adequate health insurance是整个句子的_______句, meaning ...为动词-ing形式作________;后面的 that引导________从句。 (主;伴随状语;宾语)

2. People in Germany – who have “high levels of job security”, according to the Los Angeles Times – are also more likely to follow the quarantine measures and stay at home without having to worry about losing their jobs.
分析: 本句的主句为:People in Germany are also more likely to …;两个破折号之间的成分是_______,其中who引导_____从句;according to …说明信息的来源;and连接两个并列成分:follow … 和stay … 。 (插入语;定语)

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