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Ring in the holiday with rabbits (P38)

I. Pre-reading

What do people usually do on Lantern Festival?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. The Lantern Festival is held to _____.

A. mark the end of the holiday

B. give workers a break

C. give meaning to the first lunar month

D. celebrate the first full moon of the year


2. Which of the following are popular things to do during the festival?

a. Making lanterns

b. Feeding animals.

c. Guessing lantern riddles.

d. Looking at lanterns.

e. Growing plants.

A. abc           B. abe              C. acd              D. bce


3. According to the story, why are rabbits a big part of the festival?

A. Because a rabbit lives on the moon,according to a Chinese folk story.

B. Because people want to protect rabbits on this day.

C. Because people love jade rabbits.

D. Because rabbits can see the lanterns on this day.


III. Word in use


1. Guess the ______(谜语),what is the longest word in the world?

2. One of the _______(轮子)of my father's car is broken and now he is fixing.

3. Do you know any______(民间的) stories? Tell me some!

4. The old man _________ his sixtieth birthday last month.


IV. Post-reading

Make a poster about Lantern festival!  


Learning to code (P39)

I. Pre-reading

What do you know about computer code(代码)?

What is it used for?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. What is coding?

A. It is a foreign language in Europe.

B. It is a kind of new computer.

C. It is a skill that can be used to give orders to a computer.

D. It is a skill in school that every child must learn.


2. Who is Amy Mathers?

A. A teacher

B. The European Digital Girl of the Year in 2014.

C. The founder of coding.

D. An 11-year-old girl.


3. What do we know about CoderDojo?

A. It tells parents how to teach their children coding.

B. Students don’t have to pay to learn coding there.

C. It is the only place for children to learn coding in the UK.

D. All people are welcome to study there.


4. From the last paragraph, what do we know about children who want to learn coding?

A. They need to have a laptop.

B. There are more girls learning coding than boys.

C. The best age to learn coding is 5 to 17.

D. All children can learn coding in the UK.


III. Word in use


recently     volunteer    code     free

1. The man had no money for food, so the girl gave some bread to him for _______.

2. _______, he won first prize in a singing competition.

3. By learning how to _______ , you can write your own computer programs.

4. Several ________ are handing out leaflets on the street.

IV. Post-reading

Do you think it is good or bad for the children to learn how to code at an early age? Why do you think this?


Biggest party ever (P41)

I. Pre-reading

What might you see at Brazil's Carnival (巴西狂欢节)?

The Monkey King

Chinese theme


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. According to the story, Carnival in Brazil is _____.

A. held in February every year

B. more important than other parties

C. a big party only for dancing

D. held in summer 


2. What do people do during Carnival?

a. Dance to samba music.

b. Wear colorful clothes.

c. Eat delicious food.

d. Sing their national song.

A. abc                  B. bcd    

C. acd                  D. abd


3. What do we know about the main parades?

A. Dancers sit along each side of the main parades.

B. Main parades are the most fantastic part of Carnival.

C. Everyone can perform and compete in main parades.

D. Top samba schools teach people how to dance for free.



4. The last paragraph tells us _____.

A. the themes for parades in Carnival

B. the importance of China for Carnival

C. what Chinese people do to celebrate the festival

D. the most interesting things in Chinese culture


III. Word in use


wild     fantastic    perform    compete

  1. Kids begin ________ with others when they're very young.
  2. It was a really ________ night because I saw all my old friends again!
  3. The actor's _________ was quite impressive. Everyone enjoyed it.
  4. Bill drank a lot at that _______ party. He was having a good time.


IV. Post-reading

If you're a reporter, please do an interview (采访)with the man in the picture.

Write a dialogue(对话)and try to ask about the things you want to know!




II. 1. D。细节推断题。根据第1  The holiday is held to celebrate the first full moon of the year. 正确答案为 B

2. C。细节理解。根据第2段内容,可知元宵节活动有做灯笼、观赏灯笼和猜灯谜,所以正确答案为C

3. A。细节推断题。根据最后段内容It might have something to do with a Chinese folk story about a jade rabbit that lives on the moon.可知正确答案为 A


III. 1. riddle    2. wheels       3. folk     4. celebrate



II. 1. C。细节题。从第2段的内容,“Schoolchildren aged 516 can learn code, or the languages that are used to give orders to computers.”所以正确答案为C

2. B。细节题。从第3段的内容得知Amy Mathers11岁时开始学习编程,最近获得“年度数字化女生”称号,所以正确答案为B

3. B。细节题。从第4段的内容,“It runs free coding clubs”得知该俱乐部是免费招生,所以正确答案为B

4. A。细节题。从第4段的内容, All children need to bring is a parent, a laptop and the desire to learn how to code” 可知手提电脑是必备物品 ,所以正确答案为A


III. 1. free    2. Recently       3. code      4. volunteers



II. 1. D。细节题。根据第一段内容可知, Carnival is one of the biggest parties in the world. It is held every February or March, the hottest time of the year in Brazil” ,所以正确答案为D

2. A。细节题。根据第二段内容可知,“ People dance to samba music, wear colorful clothes and eat delicious food at this wild festival” ,所以正确答案为A

3. B。细节题。根据第三段内容可知,“The parades are the most fantastic part of Carnival”和“The most interesting part is the ‘main parades’ ”,所以正确答案为B

4. A。推断题。根据最后一段内容可知,2020年的巴西狂欢节融入了很多中国元素,比如美猴王,熊猫,红灯笼等,所以正确答案为A


III. 1. competing    2. fantastic       3. performance      4. wild

本期配套教案共6页:  1  2  3  4  5  6

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