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初三教案 第628期(1)

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Entertaining from home
Look at the pictures and titles. Guess what the passage will be about.
It might be about how talk show hosts amuse viewers at home.

Fast reading
1. Why are talk show hosts putting on shows at home?
Because of the coronavirus, everyone has to stay at home.
Reading strategy:
The first sentence of Paragraph 1 always contains some key information.

Careful reading
1. Which sentence suggests what the writer might describe next?
  One of the changes I’ve seen personally has been in TV talk shows.

2. What does the word “they” in Paragraph 2 refer to?
Talk show hosts.  

3. What does the audience usually do?
They laugh, cheer or take part in games.  

4. What effect (效果) will the audience have on the show?
They make talk shows lively.  

5. On most talk show, a live audience _____.
A. cannot interact with guests
B. can crack jokes with the guests
C. can make the show lively
D. can interview guests

6. What does the underlined sentence mean in paragraph 2?
(This, however, has made their shows interesting in a new way)
video chat interviews & no make-up artists

7. What does the underlined phrase “in a new light” mean in Paragraph 3?
A. In a different environment.
B. Being presented in a new way.
C. Lacking make-up.
D. Discussing one’s opinions.

8. What do we know about Jimmy Kimmel’s show?
A. He let his children play on his show.
B. He made a video about how to play with children at home.
C. He became a food delivery driver.
D. He made a pizza for a delivery man to thank him.

9. What is the author’s attitude towards the talk show hosts?
A. Supportive.             B. Hateful.
C. Doubtful.            D. Scared.

10. Why does the writer think the shows are heartwarming?
Famous people face the same problems we do and they still do their best to cheer up others.

Post reading
We should make every effort to do our jobs well!
Let's come together and weather the storm!
Do not fear difficulties, face challenges with courage, and you will be unbeatable!

Words in use
Complete the sentences using the words in the box.
1. Newspapers inform our opinions, educate us, ______ us, and keep us in touch with the world.
2. The football game came to you ______ from New York.
3. We know who we can ______ on when we need help. 
4. He is very professional. I hope to ______ him again soon.  
5. He said his car got ______ in the snow. 

1. entertain    2.live     3. depend        4. interview        5. stuck


本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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