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Words that inspire (P15)



I. Warm up

·Who inspires you when you feel depressed?

·How do they inspire you?

·Queen Elizabeth II gave a rare televised address Sunday to encourage the British people during the coronavirus outbreak.



1. What happened in the UK?

·The coronavirus broke out in the UK.

2. What is the current state of the outbreak in China?

·China is starting to control the virus, although strict safety measures are still needed.



1. If you were Queen Elizabeth II, what would you say to inspire people?

·We should trust the government and medical workers.

·We'll overcome the difficulties.



II. While reading

Fast reading

1. Why did Queen Elizabeth II give a speech to the British people?  

·Queen Elizabeth II gave a speech to inspire (激励) British people and encourage national unity.


Careful reading

·People have to stay at home and many businesses have been closed.

·The current situation of Britain. The whole country has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 目前英国的现状。整个社会都受到新冠病毒影响。

·The Queen thanked people of all walks of life and told people that self-isolation

(自我隔离) and stay-at-home rules are still needed. 

·Why did the Queen give her first-ever radio broadcast?

·Fearing that German bombing would kill people, the Queen spoke to  children who had been evacuated  from their homes.

·During World War II, the Queen gave her first speech to children. Her words inspired and gave hope to people, just like today.

·The Queen hoped to encourage national unity with her speech.


III. Post reading

Choose the correct answer:

1. Queen Elizabeth II recently gave a speech to _____.

A. inspire the British people

B. inform the world

C. talk about English history

D. reply to people’s concerns


2. Paragraph 3 is mainly about _____.

A. the Queen’s will to protect Britain

B. the bad things Germany did to Britain

C. the Queen’s first radio speech

D. the reason the Queen gave her speech


3. According to the BBC, _____.

A. people in the UK are struggling right now

B. it’s hard to define Britain and its people

C. people shouldn’t forget Britain’s history

D. the Queen’s speech echoes a past struggle


4. What does the Queen hope for?

A. She hopes Britons will help people in other countries.

B. She hopes to see her people soon.

C. She hopes neighboring countries can help Britain.

D. She hopes British people can unite during the epidemic.



IV. Word in use.

Complete the sentences using the words in the box.

inspire       all walks of life   hit   optimism     deliver

1. Her _______seemed to spread to everyone around her.

2. The furniture store is ______ our new bed on Sunday.

3. In his book, there are people from _________.

4. His confident leadership ______ his workers.

5. Production has been badly _____ by the strike(罢工).


V. Post-reading

1. What is the current state of the pandemic in the UK, according to this passage?

·The epidemic is slowing and antibody tests could be ready soon.

·Thank you to those from all walks of life! We'll fight the virus! 

·Homework: Imagine that you have to write a letter to a friend who is scared of the virus. What would you write to them?







Minds work together (P16)



I. Pre-reading

·Brainstorming means working in a group to come up with new ideas. Anyone can suggest anything they want with total freedom. No idea is “wrong”.


II. While reading

1. What was the result of the survey?

A. People waste too much time brainstorming.

B. Brainstorming destroys people’s creativity.

C. Brainstorming is needed to solve creative problems.

D. Brainstorming isn’t good for solving creative challenges.


2. Rob Alderson probably agrees that _____.

A. spending time alone is good for shaping ideas

B. working together is important for shaping ideas

C. everyone has his or her own way to shape ideas

D. many people don’t have enough time to themselves


3. From Paragraph 5, we can learn that _____.

A. most companies don’t like their employees to think creatively

B. most employees have no right to speak out

C. meetings are seen as a barrier to creativity

D. most people hate meetings


4. According to the story, _____.

A. we can only be creative by being alone

B. we shouldn’t work together on one task

C. we shouldn’t hold meetings

D. thinking alone can help us be creative


·have sth done= sth is done by someone else (passive voice)

1. He had his bike repaired. = His bike was repaired by someone.

2. He had his hair cut. = His hair was cut by someone.

3. She had her clothes washed. = Her clothes were washed by someone.


·What advantages does thinking alone have?

1. If we give people enough time and space to think properly (适当地), they will come up with better ideas... (Para 4)

2. Spending time alone to think will help you come up with your own ideas and develop independent thinking. This is important when you’re making decisions. (Para6)


·What is the topic sentence?

But is brainstorming really a good way to deal with problems, especially creative ones?


·Can you divide the passage into parts?

Part one: para 1 - introduction

Part two: paras 2 to 5 - the survey and its results

Part three: para 6 - conclusion


·What advantages does brainstorming have?

1. It encourages people to come up with unique ideas that can be crafted into creative solutions to a problem.

2. It can spark new ideas.

3. It helps people think outside the box.

4. It creates a free and open environment for everyone to participate.


III. Post reading


When solving problems, would you rather think on your own or brainstorm with others?



Write a 100-120 word composition to answer the following questions: How did you solve the last big problem you dealt with? Did you work on your own or ask others for help? Write about your experience. The following points should be included:

1. What the problem was

2. How you dealt with the problem

3. What you learned from the process





III. 1. optimism 2. delivering 3. all walks of life 4. inspired 5. hit




本期配套教案共5页:  1  2  3  4  5

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