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初一教案 第698期

第39/698 期初一教案
Warm up
* Who or what is playing chess with Lee Sedol (李世石)?
AlphaGo, the first AI to beat the chess champion.

* What does AI stand for?
Artificial intelligence.

* What are they?
They are artists. 

* They are artists. 
They are imaginative, creative, skillful... 

* Do you think AI can make art?

Look at the title, headings and the picture.

Can AI make art? How?
Yes. Many artists work with AI.

Fast reading
What does the writer think of AI?
It is helpful and useful.

From the first paragraph, we know that _____.
A. AI can help us create art
B. AI can make better art than real artists 
C. AI can have human emotions
D. AI can create new jobs for people 

careful reading
How can AI help with animation?
spend time doing

opportunity for 

What did McGregor do with AI?
A. He watched hundreds of hours of dance videos.
B. He used AI to make new dance movements.
C. He encouraged more dancers to use AI.
D. He danced with AI.

Who decides if movements are good - a human or AI?
A human.

What can FlowMachines create?
A. Lyrics.
B. Paintings.
C. Songs.
D. New musical styles.

Post reading
Reading Comprehension. Choose the correct answer.
1. What can AI tools do in the animation industry? 
A. Help artists draw black and white lines. 
B. Clean up cartoons and comics.
C. Show artists how to draw better.
D. Give artists more chances to experiment.
2. According to the passage, in what ways can AI help human workers?
a. By creating art.
b. By analyzing data.
c. By encouraging creativity.
d. By teaching humans how to feel.
A. ab        B. ac        C. ad        D. bc 

Reading Comprehension. Choose the correct answer.
1. What do we know according to the article? 
A. AI can create art by itself. 
B. Artists depend on AI to decide.
C. AI helps with art after it learns from humans first.
D. Artists need AI to analyze data and give a little emotion. 

Words in use
Completion. Complete the sentences using the words in the box.
room    helpful    while    own     spend
1. Her son tries to be __________ by doing chores around the house. 
2. He goes everywhere with his ________ bottle of water.
3. Jenny thought she had no ________ for improvement as a dancer.
4. Some people waste food, ________ others don’t have enough to eat.
5. We should not ________ too much time on our phones.

1. helpful  2. own   3. room   4. while   5. spend

More about AI
With the continued development of science and technology, AI is becoming smarter and more helpful.

Think and discuss
We have made AI that can beat the world's best chess players. Do you think they might try to take over the world some day?
If you can have your own AI software, what would you do with it?

Warm up
What do most plants look like? Can you name any plants?
What do the plants in the film Avatar look like?

Predict according to the pictures and titles.
Prediction: What is the article about?
There are some plants that look special. They can glow.

Skimming. Read the title and the 1st paragraph quickly and fill in the blanks.
Now we have real-life plants that can _______.  shine/ glow

Careful reading
What’s new about the plants?
From the passage, how did scientists make tobacco plants glow?
A. Scientists put mushroom genes into tobacco plants.
B. Scientists grew tobacco plants in a glowing forest.
C. Scientists learned how to do it from the movie Avatar.
D. Scientists put glowing paint on tobacco plants.

Scanning. Read quickly for the specific information.
Which part of the plant may glow the brightest?
The flowers.

Why did scientist choose tobacco plants and mushrooms?
Botanists want to make other plants glow in order to _____.
A. sell glowing plants to people 
B. study their inner workings
C. grow glowing forests 
D. take the place of lights at home

Did you know? 
Animals can glow, too. It’s called bioluminescence (生物荧光). It happens to insects (昆虫), fish and more. The most common example of this is the firefly.
Which animals can glow?
Insects (昆虫), fish and other animals.

Post reading
Reading Comprehension. Choose the correct answer.
1. According to the passage, which part of the plant may glow the brightest?
A. The leaves of a young plant.
B. The roots of an old plant.
C. The flowers of a young plant.
D. The stems of an old plant.
2. Why did scientists choose tobacco plants?
a. Because tobacco plants have simple genes.
b. Because tobacco plants are cheap.
c. Because tobacco plants are easy to find.
d. Because tobacco plants grow quickly.
A. ab        B. ac        
C. ad         D. bc

Words in use
Completion. Complete the sentences according to the first letter of each blank space.
1. People need to have h_________ lifestyles to stay fit. 
2. You can use a compass to e________ find the right direction.
3. Scientists wants to discover more about the w________ of stars.
4. Many animals hibernate (冬眠). The snake is a c________ example .
5. It t_____ out that he knows nothing about aliens.

1. healthy   2. easily   3. workings  4. common  5. turns

Think and discuss
Can you have glowing plants at home now?
Would you want to have a glowing plant at home? Why or why not?

Science changes our world and improves our lives.

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