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高二教案 第792期(1)

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Birds are hugely intelligent (P6)
山东省烟台第二中学 孔洁

Activity 1
If someone calls you a “birdbrain”, do you think he is praising you?
These seemingly small brain sizes are considered to mean that birds are less smart. But a recent study has proved this to be wrong.

Activity 2
Read the passage quickly and find out what the researchers found.
• Researchers found that birds’ brain are much bigger than we thought.

Activity 3
What type of essay is this?
• A. narrative essay
• B. argumentative essay
• C. expository essay
(key: C)

Activity 4
Complete the research report with information from the passage.
Research purpose: To test if birds’ brains are small compared to body size and they are not smart.
Research procedures: Scientists measured the brain volume of hundreds of dinosaurs and extinct birds by scanning fossils of their skulls. The readings were compared to a large database containing the brain sizes of modern birds. These measurements were then analyzed, taking into consideration each bird’s body size – resulting in something called “relative brain size”.
Research findings: Birds’ brains are much bigger than we thought – at least compared to their small bodies. Birds can be highly intelligent.

Activity 5
Think and share
• 1. How did birds’ body size change right after the mass extinction of dinosaurs 66 million years ago?
Birds and non-avian dinosaurs had similar brain sizes before the extinction. After the extinction of the dinosaurs, however, birds had to find a way to survive, so they shrank their bodies – since smaller animals need less food – but they kept their big brains.

• 2. How are crows and parrots different from other birds?
They “show above average rates of brain and body size evolution”. They have an amazing cognitive capacity. They are able to use tools, imitate human speech and even remember human faces.

• 3. What’s your understanding of “calling someone ‘bird-brained’ is actually quite a compliment”?
According to the research, birds’ brains are bigger than we thought, which means they are smarter than we thought. Some birds even have an amazing cognitive capacity. Therefore, calling someone “bird-brained” may be praise. 

Activity 6
Give a talk introducing the research. You may refer to the research report in Activity 4. 
Organize your talk following the steps below:
• In order to…
• Scientists measured…
• The study found that…
• Therefore,…

Activity 7  Language focus
Paraphrase the following sentences.
• 1. A new study found that the expression doesn’t do birds justice either.
According to a new study, the expression doesn’t represent birds fairly. 
Do sb/sth justice: to treat/ represent sb/sth fairly.
That photo doesn’t do you justice.

• 2. The readings were compared to a large database containing the brain sizes of modern birds.
The results of the scanning were compared to a large database. The database collects the brain sizes of modern birds.
readings: the results of the scanning
containing the brain sizes of modern birds: present participle serves as attributive.

• 3. They came in all types and sizes, which contributed to the diverse species of birds we see today.
They evolved into different types and sizes. Therefore, there are various species of birds today.
contribute to: to be one of the causes of sth

• Write a short passage introducing the research.


本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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