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初二教案 第699期





Digging up our history (P4-5)



I. Pre-reading

Brainstorm: Where can we learn about history?



·History class.


II. While reading

·We might know the content of this passage from the title.

·Subheadings tell what each section is about.


1. The findings at Jiegedong show us that_____.

A. modern humans came from Europe

B. ancestors of modern humans came from Africa

C. humans lived in East Asia over 100,000 years ago

D. Africans have a long history of living in East Asia


long adv. 长期地

examine v. 检查,检测  

examination n. 考试

re- 再,又,重新

It is commonly believed that... 人们普遍认为……


draw attention (v.) 吸引注意

be related to  ......相关

rule  (v.) to decide with authority  判决

without permission 未经允许



2. What have archaeologists found at the Pingliangtai site?

a. The oldest city in China.

b. Evidence of advanced urban planning.

c. Drainage pipelines made from pottery.

d. Two-wheeled carts.

A. ab     B. bc        C. cd   D. bd


be familiar with... 熟悉……


3. What is the Chinese meaning of “unearthed”?

A. 消失             

B. 打捞

C. 沉没             

D. 出土


date back to v. 追溯到

sink: fall or drop to a lower place or level 下沉

goods 商品,货物

store: keep or lay aside for future use 贮藏,储存


4. What do we know about Nanhai No 1?

A. It sank on its way to Guangdong.

B. It is still underwater.

C. It showed how busy maritime trade was in the past.

D. It proved that China was the richest country in the past.


III. Word in use


examine, date back to, store, sink, manage, goods

1. Wood does not _____ in water.

2. The quality of these _____ has fallen off since last year.

3. You should present yourself well before the new _____.

4. The caves _____ early Viking times around 800 AD.

5. You should especially _____ the items below.

6. In this section, you can see how to generate keys that let you _____ data for each session.


IV. Post reading

Look through the passage and answer the following questions.

·How was this year's selection process different? Why?

The selection process was moved online because of the COVID-19 outbreak.



Which of the 10 discoveries are you interested in most? Choose one and find out as much as possible about it. Then try to share your findings with us. 







Where do masks go? (P6)



I. Pre-reading

1. What is a genius?

2. To be a genius, is it enough to just be smart?

3. What other characteristics do you think a genius should have?


II. While reading

1. From the story, we know that Cao Yuan _____.

A. is last year’s top 10 people in Nature

B. has never written a paper

C. was born after 2000

D. has made contributions to science


top adj. 居首位的;v. ......之首

get sth done 使某事被做


2. What has Cao Yuan found?

A. A new material called graphene.

B. A “switch” inside graphene.

C. How to turn superconductors into insulators.

D. A cheaper and easier way to use electricity.


3. Through Cao Yuan’s experience, we know that _____.

A. he enrolled in MIT, a top university in the US, at 14

B. he was just like any other student in middle school

C. he showed his talent for science in an early age

D. he was not satisfied with what he learned at school


gifted adj. 有天赋的

world-class adj. 世界级的;class n. 阶级,等级


4. According to his teacher and professor, Cao Yuan _____.

A. likes to challenge teachers

B. likes to take on challenges

C. solves difficulties easily

D. has failed many times  


recall=to remember sth. 回忆起,回想起

take on challenges 接受挑战


III. Post reading

Discuss: What do you think of Cao Yuan? 

What can we learn from him?


·Cao was unafraid to challenge teachers. We students should express ourselves when we can't understand or disagree with teachers.

·Learning independently helps a lot with his study. We should learn to control ourselves. Maybe we could make a plan and follow it.







III. 1. sink 2. goods 3. manager 4. date back to 5. examine 6. store





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