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初三教案 第630期(2)

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Past comes back to teach us

Warm up

1. How much do you know about the past?



Look at the title:

1. What does the word teach mean?

A:  to give lessons in a school

B:  to offer information about something.



Fast reading

2: Did the ancestors of modern humans come from Africa, according to the recent discovery?

A: Yes, they did.     B: No, they came from America        C: We're not sure.



3. How many sites are mentioned in the passage?   What are they?



Careful reading

4. Where may modern humans in China and East Asia have evolved?

The findings, according to experts, suggest that modern humans in China and East Asia may have evolved (进化) from the local population instead of from Africa.


Guessing the meaning 

The sites on the 2019 list have also updated some of our historical knowledge. For example,  a large number of jade artifacts have been found that can be dated back around 9,000 years.

go back to

return to


5. What's the importance of finding jade artifacts at the Xiaonanshan site?

They are the earliest known evidence of the use of jade in China. It also shows that ancient Chinese mastered jade processing techniques 6,000 years earlier than people in Central America.


Guessing the meaning

Different forms of evidence were founded in different sites. They show not only different  historical knowledge, but also show how different cultures communicated in ancient times. 

Facts or signs that prove something exists or is true.  


6: How far back does the Uygur Autonomous Region date back to ? 

The Uygur Autonomous Region dates back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220)


7: What provides evidence of a connection between ethnic culture and the culture of Zhongyuan?

Some homes were found to have been decorated in the same way as Han homes.



8: Where was the mural discovered and what does it show?

The mural was found in a tomb in Qinghai and it shows the cultural influence of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) along the ancient Silk Road.


Further thinking


Post reading

Have you ever seen any interesting historical artifacts or sites online or in museums? Why do you think they're so interesting? Gather some information about them and share it with us.


Words in use

Complete the sentences using the words provided.

date back    evidence    imply    common   provide   

1. Now, let me show you more ______for the case.

2. We have a lot in ________, which is surprising.

3. These towns ________ to the Tang Dynasty.

4. I don't wish to ________ that you are wrong.

5. We can _________ some beds for you.


1. evidence       2. common       3. date back    4. imply   5. provide

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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