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初一教案 第701期



Warm up

Do you think we are alone in the universe? 

Is there life beyond Earth?




Read the title and guess what the passage will be about.

What is in this picture?

What is it used for?


Fast reading

Look through the passage and answer these questions.

What is FAST?

It is the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope.

What is its nickname?

Eye of Heaven”.


What haven’t scientists done to contact aliens?

A. Using radio telescopes to scan the sky.

B. Sending out messages.

C. Using space telescopes.

D. Travelling around the universe.



Careful reading

Read this paragraph and fill in the blanks.

FAST began to look for alien life on ____________. April 28

Radio telescopes can find  _______ from space. signals


分发;散发 If you give out a number of things, you distribute them among a group of people.


What did the Big Ear radio telescope find from space? 

It found a strong 72-second signal from space.


What do we know about China’s radio telescope?

A. Its nickname is Fast.

B. It started working in April last year.

C. It is the world’s biggest radio telescope.

D. It found a strong 72-second signal from space.



What did NASA send into space in 1977? 

What did the probes carry?

What does the Golden Record have?

The Voyager 1 probe _____.

A. carried gold into space

B. is still working

C. made a song for aliens

D. landed on another planet



Read this paragraph and fill in the blanks.

Space telescopes are used for  _________.

The Kepler Space Telescope was used to______________. look for Earth-like planets

Many exoplanets  are_______ planets like Earth. rocky


Stop doing sth.  停止做某事

more than      超过,不只是


Which statement is not true about Kepler?

A. It was launched in 2009.

B. It found more than 1,200 exoplanets.

C. It is not the same as radio telescopes on Earth.

D. It worked together with TESS.



Some scientists’ attitude

Why did Stephen Hawking think aliens are dangerous?

Because he thought they might take resources from Earth.


Reading Comprehension.  True or False.

Scientists have never stopped looking for other aliens in the universe. T

Voyager 1 has traveled farther into space than any other man-made object. T

The song Across the Universe was beamed directly into deep space in 1977. F

Kepler is still working. F


Post reading

Reading Comprehension. Choose the correct answer.

1. How can we search for alien life?

A. By using radio telescopes to find signals from space.

B. By using TVs and radios to send out signals.

C. By sending people into space to look for aliens.

D. By making phone calls to talk with aliens.



2. Different from Kepler, TESS _____.

A. can explore a larger area

B. has finished its work

C. works on an Earth-like planet

D. found more exoplanets



Words in use

Completion. Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

interested in    looking for       give out    bad for

1. Is this the book that you are __________ ?

2. Watching TV for a long time is  ________ our eyes.

3. He is  ___________ sports , especially ball games.

5. The teacher will ________the books next week.

1. looking for    2. bad for    3. interested in   4. give out


Post reading

Do you think aliens might be dangerous?

Do you think we should keep looking for aliens?

Friends or Not?


Warm up

Masks protect people from the virus, but they are also inconvenient. What do you think about this?


What problem might the man in this picture face?

He can’t eat while wearing a mask.


What kinds of problems do you have with masks?


How do you deal with them?


Fast reading

Read this title and  the first paragraph and answer this question.


What did the Israeli (以色列的) company do to keep people safe while eating?

It invented a mask that we can wear while eating.


Read the paragraphs quickly and fill in the blanks.

The mask has a ____________ mouth.   remote-control

The company plans to sell the mask at a price of ___________  than that of a regular one.  6 to 20 yuan higher

People have ________  opinions about the mask. different


Look through the passage and find some other inventions that have been created during the outbreak.


Careful reading

The Israeli company made a mask to _____.

A. protect people from viruses

B. help people eat while protecting themselves

C. help people breathe easily

D. encourage people to eat less



What is the second paragraph mainly about?

A. How the mask works.

B. When you can wear the mask.

C. How you should take off the mask.

D. What kinds of foods can pass through the mask.



What does Silberstein think of the mask?

A. Everyone should buy one.

B. It might get dirty very easily.

C. It will be hard to clean.

D. It won’t work as well as it should.



发明;创造;首创 If you invent something, such as a machine or process, you are the first person to think of it or make it.


If you have a fever when you are ill, your body temperature is higher than usual and your heart beats faster.

Fever-detecting helmet’s functions



to decide how sth will look, work, etc., especially by drawing plans or making models

允许;容许;准许 If someone is allowed to do something, it is alright for them to do it and they will not get into trouble.

Hands-free handles’ functions


Reading Comprehension.  True or False.

Ofir Hameiri thinks the mask won’t work when he eats ice cream. F

We wear masks to keep ourselves safe during the novel coronavirus outbreak. T

A Chinese company invented hands-free handles. F

When you take out your eating utensil, the mask will close itself. T


Words in use


1. Look after them for me and keep them________(安全) .    safe

2. Roy put his job aside in order to _________(发明) a new machine.    invent

3. We ________(设计) kitchens for todays cooks.  design

4. It is your duty to ________(保护) them from harm.  protect



Many cool inventions have been created during the novel coronavirus outbreak. Can you do some research and share some of them with us?

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