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高一教案 第795期

Milestone in human rights (P2)
吉林毓文中学  王荟娟

Have you ever heard of someone being hit by an object that came out of a high-rise building? How do you think we should deal with such cases?
What can we do to protect our personal information?

Read for general idea
What is the article mainly about?
China’s  first draft civil code was under review at the annual session of the National People’s Congress.

The article tells us about many aspects of the civil code, including _________.
the purpose of codifying the civil code, the content, the history and process of codifying the civil code, and the significance of the civil code

Detail reading
1. What is the purpose of the civil code ?
Through the code, China hopes to “establish a country under the rule of law with better protection for civil rights.”

2. What does the civil code include?
The civil code, with 1260 articles, consists of general provisions and six sections on property, contracts, personality rights, marriage and family, inheritance and torts.

3. How does China Daily interpret the adoption of China’s civil code?
It is essential to comprehensive advancement of the rule of law, and it will offer stronger protection of people’s fundamental interests and public well-being.

4. What is Shi Jiayou’s opinion about  compilation of personality rights in a separate volume?
It is a major development and innovation in democratic legislation and the civil code, and it to help deepen the legal protection of personal dignity and individual rights.

5. How many steps are needed to codify the laws and what are they?
Two. The first is to compile the general provisions of civil law. The second is to integrate separate, existing civil laws into the code.

6. What is the significance of the civil code?
The adoption of the civil code represents a milestone for the protection of human rights and the promotion of rule of law in China.

1. Imagine that you are walking down the street and are suddenly hit by an object coming from a high-rise building.
本句中 coming from a high-rise building, 为________________, 修饰名词______.
I felt proud to be the object of her concern.
2. I object to all this noise.

2. The civil code is a collection of laws designed to cover individual rights.
本句中designed to cover individual rights为________________表示______,修饰名词______。本句中 cover为______,意为___________

1.Cover the table with a cloth.
2.They covered 12 miles yesterday.
3.How many pages have you covered?
4.The city covers 10 square miles.
5.The best reporters were sent to cover the war.
6.I wonder how I will cover all these expenses.

Phrase Study
1. consist of                 
2. be essential to
3. in addition
4. relate to
5. make attempts to do  

Search the internet for more information about the civil code and write a short report.


Writers behind the books (P4-5)
山东省烟台第二中学 赵娜娜

What is the last book you have read? What do you know about the author behind the book?
Have you seen Everyday Life of Literature on Youku?
The documentary series Everyday Life of Literature debuted (首映) on Youku on April 16 and offers viewers a glimpse into the lives of writers.

From the title, what do you think the article is about?

Fast reading
Read the article quickly and find the main idea to check your prediction.

The article introduces a documentary which focuses on different writers and commentary from other guests, including literary critics and artists.

Reading for details
1. According to Director Wang Shengzhi, what do the writers have in common?
They all instinctively (本能地) distance themselves from the camera because they don’t want to “act”.

2. What do we know about Ma Yuan and Alai from the article?
Ma Yuan: Lives in a way that is like the essence of _______, unadorned but ______.
Alai: Turned his thinking about _________ into a novel to reveal not only pain but also awe of ____.

3. What can audiences get from the documentary, according to Meng Yan?
Audiences will be led to notice some subtle emotions in life, which can be easily neglected. We can think of our own pains and explore what is a really interesting life.

Which writer do you want to see in the documentary? Which aspect of his or her life are you interested in?

Language study


Sentence analysis
It took him a decade to begin writing his novel on the catastrophe, Diary in the Clouds, which is narrated from a Tibetan monk’s perspective to reveal not only pain but also awe of nature.
Audiences will be led to notice some subtle emotions in life, which can be easily neglected ... We can think of our own pains and explore what is a really interesting life.
这两句中的which都引导非限制性定语从句,第一个修饰前面的Diary in the Clouds,第二个修饰前面的subtle emotions。

1. The famous basketball star, _____ is an American, came to China yesterday.
2. In those days, she used to go to Mr  Black, with ____ she had a wonderful time.
3. I bought a car yesterday, ____ cost me a lot.
4. Xi’an, ____ I visited last year, is a nice old city.

If you could have a conversation with a writer you like in the documentary, what would you ask him or her?

Write a letter to the director of the documentary to recommend your favorite writer to him and give your reasons.

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