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Warm up

Have you seen words like “baaaaaddd” or “goooooddd” in online posts or text messages? 

What do you think about them?




Read the title and guess what the passage will be about.


What is in this picture?

What does the word “yyyyyeeesss” mean?


Fast reading

Look through the passage and answer these questions.

What are these words called?

They are called “stretchable” words.


Do you think “helloooo” can be used in your homework?



careful reading

Where are stretchable words often used?

In text messages and online posts.


Why do younger people like using stretchable words?

Because they sound playful and fun.


sound 听起来,(系动词) + 形容词

His voice sounded strange on the phone.


without 没有,(介词) + 名词、动名词

Tom can’t succeed without his parents’ help.


Why is “ha” one of the most common stretchable words?

Because it’s short and it can be easily stretched.


What does it mean when someone types “hahahahaha”?

It means something is really funny.


If you are fine with a certain idea, you type ________.  yes

If you are excited about something, you might text ________.  yeeeeesssss


be excited about sth 对……很兴奋


He was excited about the news.

You should NOT use stretchable words in _____.

a. your homework

b. text messages

c. social media

d. exams

 A. ab            B. bc         

C. ac            D. ad



In what situations can students use stretchable words?

On social media or when they text with friends.


Post reading

What do you think about stretchable words?

It is common to use stretchable words on social media or with friends. They are useful for communicating strong feelings without using emojis, but in formal situations, like hoemwork or exams, we should not use them.


Decide whether the sentences are true or false.


1. Only younger people like using stretchable words. F

2. Stretchable words allow younger people to communicate more clearly. T

3. It is not a good idea to use stretchable words all the time. T


Words in use

Completion. Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

kind of    sound like       excited about    fine with

1. What’s wrong? It __________ you lost your voice.  sounds like

2. I will be  ________ whatever they decide.  fine with

3. He is so  ___________ the  coming concert. He can’t wait to buy tickets. excited about

5. The teacher looks ________tired.  kind of 


To stretch or not to stretch?

Do you think it should be acceptable to use stretchable words in your schoolwork? Why or why not?

Do you use stretchable words when texting with friends?




Warm up

Both of my parents are short. Will I grow taller than my parents?

How can people grow taller?



Is Yao Ming’s daughter tall for her age?

What are the advantages of being tall?



Read the title and guess what the passage will be about.


Who is in this picture?

What are they doing?


Fast reading

Look through the passage and answer these questions.

What decides one’s height?

Genes decide one’s height.


What else might affect one’s height?

One’s environment.


careful reading

Read the first paragraph and answer.

What can we learn from Paragraph 1?

A. Nobody can grow over 2 meters.

B. Each of us has about 4,000 genetic variants.

C. A person’s height is decided by a certain genetic variant.

D. About 4,000 genetic variants decide a person’s height. 



Read and learn.

While 而,然而,表示对比

Play a role 发挥作用

less than 不到,不足


Read and answer.

What do we know about “the most important genetic variant”?

A. It was found by UK scientists.

B. It can make people 2.2 cm shorter on average.

C. It works when a person has two copies of it.

D. It is found in about 80 percent of Peruvians.



Read and learn.

so far 到目前为止,句子多用现在完成时

be known for以……著称,以……闻名


Read and judge.

1. Everyone has the genetic variant that makes people shorter. F

2. Peruvians in the mountains have less of the genetic variant than those by the sea. T

3. Your height is only affected by your environment. F


Read this paragraph and fill in the blanks.

People grow taller because their bones _____. grow

People stop growing at the end of ________. puberty


Read and answer.

When do girls usually reach puberty?

When they are about 14 or 15.


When do boys usually reach puberty?

When they are about 16.


增长,增加  If something increases or you increase it, it becomes greater in number, level, or amount.

not any more相当于 no more, 不再……

By the age of 到……年龄


careful reading

What is the story mainly about?

A. Height differences around the world.

B. The latest studies of human genes.

C. What causes us to be tall or short.

D. The average heights of Native Americans.



Words in use


The exam results will ________(决定) which school he will go to.   

2. The students have found some good solutions _________(到目前为止).   

3. The old man is ________(出名) his cooking skills.

4. They had to stay indoors________(因为) the heavy rain.

decide       so far     known for    because of


More about our growth

How can we grow taller naturally?


Eat a healthy, nutritious diet.

Exercise 30 minutes daily for healthy bones and muscles.

Get a good night's sleep every night.


Think and discuss

What do you think can help you grow taller naturally?

Do you have some advice for people who want to grow taller? What is it?



There are many books about growing taller. A lot of experts and doctors have advice on how to grow taller. Can you do some research and share some of this advice with us?

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