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初一教案 第703期



Warm up

Free talk

1. How do you get to school these days?

2. How do your parents get to work?

3. Have you seen more people riding bikes lately? 





Biking could be better

What advantages of biking are mentioned in this passage?


careful reading

Choose the best answer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made our lives very different. Some of us have improved our hygiene (卫生) habits. Others have learned how to cook. And more  people have fallen in love with cycling (骑自行车).

1.have improved

2.have learned

3.have fallen in love



1. In Paragraph 1, the writer tries to _____.

A. explain what she did during the outbreak

B. show us better ways to stay healthy

C. discuss the importance of living a healthy lifestyle

D. show the changes the pandemic has brought to our lives



Yang Xiaomeng lives 11 km away from her  workplace in Beijing. The 26-year-old has been cycling  to work for the last three months. I used to take the  subway before the COVID-19 outbreak. But now riding a bike seems to be a safer choice (选择), she said.


2. How does Yang Xiaomeng go to work?

A. By subway.

B. By bus.

C. By bike.

D. By car.



Yang has found that cycling is more relaxing and  enjoyable than taking the crowded (拥挤的) subway.  Theres more fresh air on the road. Its also a good way to stay fit. Ill keep cycling as my new habit.  she said.


Which words describe cycling?

3. According to the story, Yang might agree that _____.

A. taking the subway is relaxing

B. cycling is healthy

C. bike-only lanes are often crowded

D. there is no fresh air on the subway



According to Xinhua, many people turned from  public transportation (交通) to cycling during the  pandemic. The number of cyclists on Beijings bike only lane (车道) from Huilongguan to Shangdi has gone  up by 17.6 percent, for example.  In other cities around the world, biking is also becoming more popular.


More people are riding bikes these days.


London has closed large parts  of the city to cars so that people can cycle safely. New York, Berlin and Montreal

have created  new wider bike lanes for people to cycle. These cities  believe that if there are safer and more comfortable  places for cycling, more people will ride bikes  in the future instead of driving. This will make the  cities greener and cleaner, and their people happier and healthier.

What have other countries done to promote cycling?



4. According to the story, what have other countries done to promote(促进) cycling?

A. Built new bike lanes for cyclists.

B. Closed parts of their public transportation networks.

C. Made their cities greener and cleaner.

D. Taught people how to cycle safely.



Post reading

Will cycling become more popular in Beijing in the future? Why?


Warm up

What are they?




They are in danger now.


Pangolins are in danger because their population is ____.

A. increasing

B. decreasing

C. changing rapidly

D. the same as before





Protect (保护) these pals


careful reading

They live in Africa and Asia. They have scales (鳞片) on their skin. They can roll up into a ball to protect themselves. Pangolins are important animals because they protect trees by eating ants. However, they are now in danger.


become rare (罕见的).

the pangolin population is decreasing (减少) .


careful reading

1. Pangolins are important because they _____.

A. can roll up into balls

B. have scales on their skin

C. can protect trees.

D. live in Africa and Asia.



Pangolins used to be on China’s second-level list of protected animals. They were recently added to the country’s top-level list because they are becoming rare The world’s pangolin population has dropped by 90 percent in the past 20 years, according to a 2018 UN survey.

Why were they added to the top-level list ?


2. What do we know from Paragraph 2?

A. Pangolins are dangerous animals. 

B. Pangolins are top-level protected animals. 

C. There will be no pangolins left in 20 years.

D. 90 percent of the world’s pangolins live in China.



careful reading

Overhunting (过度捕猎) has resulted in the disappearance of pangolins. Many people eat pangolin meat. Some people believe that their scales can treat (治疗) illnesses. Pangolins take a long time to have babies. It takes five to seven months for a mother pangolin to give birth. A female pangolin can give birth only once each year, and just one baby each time.


In addition, we have not yet found a way to raise(饲养) pangolins in captivity like we do with pandas. This makes it even harder to protect pangolins from extinction (灭绝).

3. What is Paragraph 3 and 4 mainly about?

A. What dangers pangolins face.

B. Why people hunt pangolins.

C. How baby pangolins are born.

D. Why the pangolin population has dropped.



4. Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons why pangolins are in danger?

A. It is not easy for female pangolins to have babies.

B. People hunt pangolins for their meat and scales.

C. We cannot raise pangolins like pandas.

D. The pangolin population has increased recently.


Post reading

Deep thinking

1. What other kinds of animals are in danger now?

2. Why are they in danger?

3. How can we protect them?



1. Write down new vocabulary words in your notebook.

2. Write a short passage about the advantages of cycling.

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