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初二教案 第706期(2)

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Beidou is finally here (P6)



I. While reading

·What's the main use of Beidou?

  ·It has a positioning accuracy (n.精确) of under 10 meters

  ·A satnav system uses groups of satellites to find out where people are.

  ·The more satellites a system has, the more accurate it is.

  ·With the positioning accuracy, what can Beidou do for us?


·Beidou can be used in different areas

  ·You can easily find your way by using a map app on your smartphone

  ·It helps farming, public services and business.

  ·It can monitor natural disasters in real-time.

  ·It allows people to send text messages when there is no mobile phone service.


·As we know, America' s Global Positioning System(GPS) was the earliest satnav system. Although it provides service for China, the system is owned by America's government and operated by its air force  (空军), which means America could decide to switch off the signals from GPS satellites anytime.


·After decades of hard work, Russia's own satnav system GLONASS was put to use in 2007.


·The European Union decided to start their own satnav system Galileo in 2002, would China have a chance to join them?


·At first, the EU and China have reached an agreement.

China joined Galileo project with 230 million euros.


·But the EU refused to share the core technology with China. Besides, the international situation has changed.With no help from other countries,China had to make up the mind to develop its own satnav system Beidou.


·At that time, some netizens laughed at China, and they even predicted China was not able to develop their own satnav system.



·It takes great efforts from generation to generation. Beidou is finally here


·Now Beidou is more advanced than others. (人无我有,人有我优)


·Unique messaging ability and more accurate positioning under centimeters


·Beidou also benefits the world.On July 31, Beidou started providing full-sacle global services. More than 120 countries and regions are now using Beidou services.


·It takes a long time to build our own satnav system.The hard work behind Beidou is hard to imagine.Although some countries looked down on us, we prefer to face difficulties and work harder than any other country.We win respect from our achievements and diligence. Scientists are always confident and patient to overcome any difficulty.


·Our confidence comes from a stronger China!


·With the strong determination, more than 400 institutes and 300,000 researchers and scientists have gathered their wisdom, to make Beidou come true. 


·The main purpose of building Beidou is to give China full control over a navigation system.China will no longer rely on others. 


·Beidou satnav system has been completed.

·Each generation has its own mission. A lot of challenges are waiting for you.

  ·Develop new vaccines

  ·Explore the universe


·China is a great country with a strong sense of responsibility. Now it's the best time for you to chase your dream while making our country more prosperous.



II. Review

·What is Beidou?→a satellite navigation system

·How does it work?→uses groups of satellites to provide positioning accuracy

·When was it completed?→On June 23, the last satellite was launched into


·Who built it? →China, it's 100% homegrown. With more than 400 institutes' and

                300,000 researchers' efforts, Beidou is finally here.

·Why?→for China's safety, independence and development.

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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