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Don’t let it go to waste (P4-5)



I. Pre-reading

·Do you finish your food every time you eat?

·What do you usually do with the leftovers when you eat in your cafeteria?


II. While reading

·Sympathy for the Peasants                                                                                            

                    Li Shen

  At noon they weed with hoes (锄头),

  Their sweat drips on the soil;

  Each bowl of rice, who knows,

  Is the fruit of hard toil (苦活;累活).


1. What’s the purpose (目的) of China’s food waste campaign?

  The campaign encourages people to reduce food waste.


2. What does “N” stand for in the “N-1”formula?

  “N” stands for the number of diners at a table.


3. If there are four people at a table, how many dishes should you order?

  A. Three

  B. Four 

  C. Five

  D. As many as you want.

  Key: “N-1”: 4-1=3


4. How many people are starving around the world?

  820 million people.


III. Further reading

1. What are these students doing to reduce food waste?

Liu Liuying



Each person is responsible for finishing one dish.

Keeps leftovers for breakfast.

His dad asks him to finish all of the food on his plate.


2. What can you do with your leftovers?



Refuse to Waste Food


1. What’s the main idea of the passage?

  We can see that it’s more than just food we waste when we throw away a tomato. We waste other resources as well. 


2. Where will the “ugly” tomatoes go?

  They will be taken to landfills, where they will rot and produce methane. 


3. Can you make a mind map about “the life of a tomato”?


No appetite for food waste as national campaign takes off online


1.What’s the name of the nationwide campaign?

  “Clear Your Plate”(光盘行动)


2. What’s the main idea of this paragraph?

  The “ Clear Your Plate” campaign has been well-received.


3. What advice is given to diners?

  Diners are advised to order no more food than they can eat.


4. How do you feel about “big eating” shows?

  Some “big eaters” eat a lot of food, but then vomit off-camera, so they waste a lot of food. We shouldn’t watch these shows.


5. What does the China Association of Performing Arts say about these shows?

  These shows should be banned.


6. What can restaurants do to reduce food waste?

  They should make adjustments to promote moderate consumption while meeting customer demand.  


IV. Post reading

  If your friend wastes a lot of food, what advice can you give to her/him? Write a short passage about reducing food waste.


                 Dark side of dieting (P6)



I. Pre-reading

·What are diet soft drinks?

·Is it a good choice to drink diet soft drinks? Why or why not?  


II. While reading

·Do diet soft drinks have any sugar?

  Yes, they have a little bit of sugar.


·What decides if a drink is a diet soft drink?

   If it has 0.5 grams of sugar or less for every 100 grams in the drink.


·Are diet soft drinks sweet?

  Yes, although they have little sugar, they taste sweet.


·What makes diet soft drinks sweet?

  Artificial sweeteners.


·Can we drink diet soft drinks instead of water?

  No. Diet soft drinks can damage your teeth and affect your appetite. Their additives are not good for you.


1. What do we know about diet soft drinks?

A. They don’t have any sugar or calories.

B. They can help people lose weight.

C. They don’t taste sweet.

D. They aren’t good for our health.


2. Drinking diet soft drinks may cause you to _____.

A. drink more water

B. eat more sweet food

C. become energetic

D. feel foolish


3. The last paragraph explains _____.

A. why it’s bad to drink diet soft drinks

B. how to choose healthy diet soft drinks

C. why so many people drink diet soft drinks

D. how diet soft drinks became popular


III. Further reading

Are diet soft drinks bad for you?


1. What do we know from paragraph 1?

  There is a potential link between diet soft drinks and vascular events.


2. People who often drink diet soft drinks may suffer strokes, heart attacks, or vascular death.


3. Read and write T (true) or F (false).

  Regular soft drink consumption and a more moderate intake of diet soft drinks can cause vascular events. (F)


4. Fill in the blanks.

  Artificially sweetened soft drinks are healthy because they have no calories.


5. The researchers found that people who often drink diet soft drinks are more likely to suffer a vascular event than those who drink none


6. Which of the following is true?

A. There is no association between drinking diet soft drink and vascular events.

B. The researchers found the results easily.

C. There is a need for further research about the link between diet soft drinks and health.

D. It’s a good idea for us to drink diet soft drinks.


IV. Post reading

Do you like to drink diet soft drinks? Why or why not?

What drinks do you think you should drink more?


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