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高三教案 第720期(2)

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Controlling dreams (P6)
安徽省宁国中学 秦迎

Do you like dreaming?
Have you had dreams where you were aware that you were dreaming?

Fast reading
Read the passage quickly and find out the answer to this question:
Can we control our dreams?

What is the main idea of the passage?
Lucid dreams and their benefits.

Detailed reading
Read the passage carefully and finish your thinking notes:

Read the passage and use the Circle Map to finish your notes:

Read the passage again and think about its structure.
Part 1(Para 1): Lead-in
Part 2(Para 2-5): Relevant information about lucid dreams
Part 3(Para 6-9): Benefits of lucid dreaming
Part 4(Para 10): Conclusion

Can you paraphrase this sentence?
However, it wasn't until 1975 that British psychologist Keith Hearne was credited as the first person to produce scientific proof that lucid dreams occur.
In 1975, British psychologist Keith Hearne provided the first scientific evidence to prove the existence of lucid dreams.

倒装句:Not until 1975 was British psychologist Keith Hearne credited as the first person to produce scientific proof that lucid dreams occur.
状语从句:British psychologist Keith Hearne was not credited as the first person to produce scientific proof that lucid dreams occur until 1975.

credit: somebody is responsible for doing something
occur: when something occurs in a particular place, it exists or is present there

Para. 3
What benefits does lucid dreaming have?
Three benefits are mentioned:
It may allow people to feel free, without judgment of social and physical consequences;
It may help those suffering from nightmares;
It may encourage creativity.

Para. 5
What device was invented by Curzio Vasapollo?

Let's go to the beginning:
How does the writer begin the first paragraph? What do you think of it?
The writer begins the first paragraph with a question. It arouses the reader's interest and secures their attention to the subject matter.

What about the last part?
indulge: If you indulge in something or if you indulge yourself, you allow yourself to have or do something that you know you will enjoy.

The conclusion winds up the passage with this sentence to show his expectations. It also influences the readers' final impression of the passage and shows the consequences of the argument.  

1. Write a short article to introduce lucid dreaming using the following words:
lucid dreams   aware  reference (v.)  credit  proof  monitor benefit  indulge

2. Think about the question:
Do you like lucid dreams? Why or why not?

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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